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  1. Now, THAT'S the great prize, IMO: a photo with The Man himself. I'd give anything to have one!
  2. The media creates that shit. Scum like MTeeHee's "Sumner Redstone" & Judy McGrath. In this degenerate "Western" society the above usurpers and others of their ilk have created with their media stranglehold, being on the idiot box is the Ultimate - doesn't matter what for. Lemmings love reality filth precisely because the "star" assclowns are has-beens or never-wases. It enables them to dream: "Hey - I don't have any brains or talent either! I could be a star, too!" For proof, witness all the fruits 'n nuts that crawl out from under their slimy rocks for the American Idol auditions, As for Howard Stern: that camel-faced bastard is badly in need of a lengthy dirtnap.
  3. Apparently Gallagher is making a bizarre fashion statement by pasting burnt caterpillars over his bloodshot eyes. What a fuckin' troglodyte.
  4. Jewish History, Jewish Religion by Israel Shahak; The Culture of Critique by Prof. Kevin MacDonald
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