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  1. I will give you company on that mission... When a Led Zeppelin tour is happening, i have got to see more then one show... i mean, one show just seem to be to little... Got to see as much as possible of em... Ofc, that i will get tix to more then one show is not given ofc...I will ofc be more then in heaven if i can see them just once... but, as you know, less is more
  2. Out of all the gigs i have attended. there has only been one or two that has really dissapointed me... Without mentioning any names, atleast not in this post... The five gigs i will never forget and that has gotten a special place in me heart is these ones. In a random order: - Satyricon in Fredrikstad 07 (Not me first gig with them, but their second gig in me hometown in one year and it was just epic. Sigurd kept his word, so hope he keep it again...) - Metallica Oslo 03 (First Time i saw Metallica live) - Black Sabbath Oslo 05 (First time i saw the Metal legends, and prolly the last time) - Ozzy Osbourne Oslo 07 (Still have the ticket for his 03 Oslo gig that was postponed Several times and finally cancelled due to his quad bike accident) - SLAYER Oslo 05 (Not the first time i have seen them, but this was at rockefeller, a small club, so intimate and just fuckin brilliant)
  3. i know... its been like they have fuckin dissapeared or sometin... i havent heard anything new around them, atleast not official, only romours... Last thing was that they would release the new album this year... But we all know that romours is never good... Atleast my hope isnt gone...
  4. ^^i think we all would laugh at ourself if we saw us on tapes... i can see live footage and think "damn he looks silly", but i bet i wouldnt look any better meself... hahaha... now that would be funny to see
  5. Happy Fuckin Bday Alice... Hope you have a wonderful day and many more Bdays to come...
  6. Maybe AC/DC is starting to fire up their tour engine... Now THAT would be a huge announcement... that would save my day...
  7. Well... as i also said, further down me post, if you read it all... Is that, till this day, i have been to pretty much Metal/Rock concerts... at these shows i have got NO complaints, at all and i usually end up with a wrecked neck and lost voice (it all depend on how good the band is that night)... There are also many others who sing/scream... The closest i have been was at the last Metallica gig, in 07, was people who gave me the "looks that kill"... I was headbanging and singing and all that... But if we start to talk about behaviour, then i respect other people. i dont push me way forward when people have found their spot, i dont spill whatever i am drinkin on other people or anything like that... UNLESS ofc other people start to try pushing me away, then i fight for my spot that i waited hours outside to get... I dont know what you mean by loud bands... as said in me previous post, i see mainly rock/metal and black metal bands and some Death metal bands which i like... I know this might cause some reactions, but my personal opinion is that, if you do not like the floor where people sing/scream, headbang, and the occasonal pushing and the mosh pit (which i hate BTW) then you should move further back or move to where people sit... I know it might sound discriminating (or whatever i should call it) but thats just the way it is... People usually like to go wild on concerts and singing/screaming and headbanging and such is sometin that goes with it... the only thing you really can avoid is the moshpit... Now i must add that cultures are different, in some places it might be different then in Norway, and Norway is the only country i have attended concerts in, so i can only speak from my experience within my own country... Things might also be different with other bands within the rock genre or ofc other genres... So as i will repeat... i speak from me own experiences... ofc i will prolly have to act different when i attend the Willie Nelson concert, which will be a nice experience... i have to respect the kind of crowd which are at that gig and you have to respect the kind of crowd which are at the gig you attend... I hope i have made some sense with what i have written...
  8. First gig this year is Willie Nelson in Halden, Norway... Its March5... Its me first time to see on of the Highwaymen... Its such a shame i am all broke and not able to see Kris Kristofferson in Oslo March3... But, with so many gigs i want to attend, i got to make a list of who i want to see the most... I was really sceptic to it... But heard the album long after the release and it suprised me how good it is... Would love to see them in Oslo May18... Its still not sold out so i can ofc hope i am able to see them...Hope you have a great time... just make sure you post pics and a review...
  9. I can only speak for meself on this one... I dont care if someone dislike me screaming out the lyrics at a show... If you dont like it, well, thats too bad for you really... At every damn show i attend i sing/scream out the lyrics to every damn song, aslong as i know the lyrics... I keep me mouth shut and headbang or whatever if i dont know the lyrics... BUT, ofc, having some idiot at your side which dunno the lyrics and try his best to follow, that i find annoying... I find crows participation to be good and let the band know they aint playing for an empty club/arena, if you know what i mean... I cant really speak for gigs with bands from other genre's, i have till this day only attended two gigs outside the rock/metal genre, which is so long ago i can barely remember it... I am attending a Willie Nelson gig in not so long and i dont really know how i shall act. except i wont go as crazy as i use to do... I mean, is it normal to sing along, or stand up, or... i will prolly feel really awkward... Well... this is my opinion atleast on this subject... plus some off topic rambling, sorry bout that...
  10. G'day mate from downunder... Hope you enjoy your time here with us
  11. Thanks all... europeans takin ova
  12. everyone beeing MS slaves... yea thats a funny, and scary size... i can see Ballmer preaching his philosophy
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