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  1. Ah Mr Page make a page!!!!!
  2. Been busy btw saw band of Joy again......JOYOUS!

  3. The Miami show was great

  4. Shout OUT from Fort Lauderdale

  5. Of course it will be wonderful to hear....as I will on July 31st
  6. WELL here I am back again did u all like the interview? A certain lyrical gentleman interviewed listened in to hear his lilting voice with the Welsh birdies in the background can't wait till his show here hmmmmm.......
  7. Well it is so funny that all of you Zeppelin fans doubted that he would tour with the group. Robert has been on tour with Allison and has made it clear that he will finish that tour. He is having fun expanding his wings as any musician would and he is not going to drop out of a nationally scheduled tour just because the press keeps hounding and hounding and hinting the band will go on tour without him. True I have certain insight and I know y'all are having fun on this forum and why not???? It's fun and entertaining for all to read what others think, but facts are facts and fun is fun. I hope
  8. Happy Birthday Baby may you have many more, thanks for the memories and the music
  9. Well seems I will be going to the show amid rumors of a very special guest.............the show is the only show and is being recorded for DVD.
  10. Sorry, it was just stuff in the news and I wondered ,,,,,,not trying to pry into anything that wasn't perhaps public knowledge,,,,,,,,,,,,NEVER want to annoy anyone just not like me
  11. laurcholl

    Mean Venus

    What are all of the rumors surrounding the band Mean Venus about. It is rumored that the lead singer Jay is Robert's son. It is a great band, and I am wondering if anybody knows or has heard anything about this? I know lives are private BUT it is just something I heard and I wondered and at this point I thought the forum boards would be a good place to ask!
  12. If you haven't seen the show Run don't walk to it. Katrina Chester is awesome as Janis Joplin we ALL hope sit is possible for her to do the movie ....see the show and see for yourself you won't believe the show and her voice
  13. Juist saw Victor Wooten and next concert APRIL 23 RISING SAND PLANT/KRAUSS
  14. Well living in South Fl shines a different light. Cubans have assimilated well to our culture BUT longing for the homeland is hard especially when part of your family never "escaped". Raoul has been second fiddle ......first fiddle second fiddle then fiddle faddle Fidel........NO CHANGE with Raoul and no VOTE.
  15. Enjoy Robert enjoy ! He is having so much fun with the bluegrass music and has once again evolved and shown us what an artist he is. THIS IS a Zeppelin site and forum I do understand, BUT the guys are all individuals with talent and have been able to grow and expand their interests outside of Zeppelin. Sure we all love the music from the best Rock band to emerge from the English scene in the late 60's and the possibility of seeing them preform together is very cool and YES I would be there, BUT likewise I will be going to Chatt Tenn to see Roberts gig with Ms Krauss. I love the sound of the ha
  16. laurcholl

    Plant wins Grammy

    OF course they won........they deserve it......great cd..................waiting for the return show
  17. It will be great to see them again...........but looking forward to the Chatt Tenn show in April. Saw Crossroads.......it was good...................Peace to all................Miami Muse
  18. Hello, I will be traveling from Miami to Chattanooga Tenn to see Percy and Allison in April and I can't wait. The collaboration of the two voices are heaven. I see many people going to Louisville but who is going to Chatt????
  19. SORRY no dates yet !!! Well it HAS to after the Plant/Krauss tour!!!! Anybody going to that?
  20. Well I can now tell you European dates have been announced with North American dates to follow. Peace
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