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  1. Thanks for that article, dazedjeffy... I must have missed it. I listened to LZ on Wolfgang's Vault a few months ago; I went back last weekend to have another listen and all of their concerst were gone. Now I know why!
  2. Bingo! If Robert ever changed his mind (which he may yet still do) and agreed to some sort of reunion-- be it recording or tour-- you'd see Jimmy "come back to life" in the blink of an eye... and play rings around all of those young whippersnappers out there today.
  3. I forgot about "The Rover." It starts off "OK"-- almost like LZ was trying to imitate other arena rock bands from that same era: Journey, Bad Company, Heart, AC/DC... But then it hits that chorus/bridge thing ("If we could all join hands...") and I swear that Robert is singing in a different key than Jimmy and Jonesey are playing in.
  4. Oddly enough, I cannot imagine this band using any other name... I just can't. Although "Better Than That Bunch of Sods Jeff Beck Put Together" has a nice ring to it...
  5. LOL! That's what makes the world go 'round! I love Darlene; I was always astounded that it never made any of the eight "regular" LZ albums and had to wait for Coda.
  6. The craziest thing I ever did at a LZ concert was at the only LZ concert I ever attended (at the Baltimore Civic Center 1973); I got so stoned I can hardly remember any of it. Damn it. I'm still kicking myself. I sort of barely remember Jimmy's theramin solo on Whole Lotta Love, and I remember Bonzo's big ol' amber Ludwig Vistalite kit, but that's about it.
  7. You can put me in the "Don't Like 'Thank You'" column, too. It just sounds... hokey. But I love the chord structure of 'The Rain Song'; it's one of my faves. And 'Custard Pie'?? A classic! JPJ's crucnchy clavinet is just awesome. Now here's the real sacrilege: I don't particularly care for 'Achilles' Last Stand.' There. I've said it. It goes on way too long, the mythical imagery in the lyrics is (to me) silly, and Percy's vocals are almost a self-parody. Just my two cents.
  8. I just finished "Good Times Bad Times", and just started "Shadows Taller Than Our Soul." GTBT is almost strictly a pictorial history. That said, while it doesn't offer anything that Zep fans don't already know, some of the rare/previously unpublished photos are worth the price of admission. "Shadows..." is more in depth, but again, nothing really "new" for Zep fans. What sets "Shadows..." apart is the really cool interactive stuff included in the book: reproductions of ticket stubs, tour books, press releases, stickers, etc., as well as rare photos and a CD interview with James Patrick P
  9. Three chapters: Liftoff: Formation of the band, first three albums and accompanying tours and events. Hammers of the Gods: LZIV through Physical Graffiti and accompanying tours and events. Swan Song: Presence and ITTOD, accompanying tours, trials and tribulations, death of Bonzo/band.
  10. George Will is a Neo-Con asshole. Pay no attention whatsoever. I'm a Yank that's been living with him for the past 15 years; believe me.
  11. Another excellent, detailed book. Although (obviously) more Jimmy-centric than some of the other LZ books. It does take an unflinching look at his history of substance abuse, though... in a non-judgemental way (if that's possible).
  12. I vote for the Shadwick book also. In-depth, informative, chronological, and far more about the music than the drugs/groupies/hotel-room-trashing, etc.
  13. I'm a 53-year-old drummer, and I can still bring it. That said, I'm sure Jason did his father proud.
  14. From the interview with Jason in the latest (Febuary 2008) issue of Modern Drummer magazine: Ludwig Vistalites in yellow (not amber) 14x26 kick drum 10x14 rack tom 16x16 floor tom 16x18 floor tom 6 1/2x 14 Supraphonic chrome snare all of the above just like his Dad's classic kits all Drum Workshop stands & pedals Zildjian cymbals: 15" A Custom Mastersound brilliant hi-hats 20" A Custom brilliant crash 20" A medium-thin crash 24" K light ride
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