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  1. Mother's Little Helper/The Rolling Stones
  2. I don't know if she lied, but she associates with liars.
  3. I know you need to mind your own business.
  4. If all you guys are so bored why not get the led out!
  5. Physical Graffiti, especially holding that note on Kashmir. Awesome dudes.
  6. Except for that chic flic Titanic, what a great list.
  7. You got to admit, "Start me up" is a great song to get in the mood to. I joke about that with my girl every time we hear the song.
  8. Im a kid of Zeppelin luvers! My parents have been listening to Zep since I was small. Indeed this rubbed off on me, thank you mummy and daddy!
  9. ITTOD is a great! I especially love In The Evening and South Bound Suarez. My girl loves All of my love and Im Gonna Crawl.
  10. Love it too, oh yeah! My girl and I almost always wind up eating seafood on our dates. So yummo! Give me some hardshell crabs with garlic on them anytime!
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