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  1. Mother's Little Helper/The Rolling Stones
  2. If all you guys are so bored why not get the led out!
  3. Except for that chic flic Titanic, what a great list.
  4. Love it too, oh yeah! My girl and I almost always wind up eating seafood on our dates. So yummo! Give me some hardshell crabs with garlic on them anytime!
  5. I have been under the weather all week, so i'm skipping school tomorrow! Just finished listening to the entire PG album, AWESOME!!!!! Love it!!!
  6. The joy on my girl's face when I brought her a dozen pink roses this afternoon. She said Valentine's Day isn't until next week! Now for Valentine's Day I plan on buying her two dozen red roses!
  7. What made me Very Happy was the end of the school day! Next came driving home blasting the Mighty Led Zeppelin II on the CD player. In a short while I will picking up my chicky for a great date! Life is good!
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