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  1. They nail it very nicely in the HTWWW DAC. Seattle '75 has a good one too.
  2. Agreed, can't understand why there isn't more of a buzz about this. An incredible show in quality I never thought was possible for a boot. The whole band are killing it here. This will be my 'go-to' '75 show for a long time to come.
  3. Uniondale 2/14/75. Great versions of TUF, NQ and STH. Nice solid show. SBD has clear and prominent bass. Can happily listen to JPJ for 3 hours!
  4. The day of Live Aid stands large in my memory. It happened to be my 15th birthday and a beautiful sunny day in England where I grew up. Main memories where an incredibly good feeling all day; everyone talking about it, watching it, being part of it, and hearing it playing everywhere. The music? Well, as we all know Queen absolutely killed it in their early evening set. Still the perhaps the most audacious and charismatic 20 mins of live music ever. That day was the first time i saw the members of Led Zeppelin playing. Despite the ragged performance I instantly felt there was something very special about these people and remember being very dismayed when a friend told me their drummer had died 5 years earlier and that this band were no more. Got hold of a copy of ZepII quite soon after and have been hooked for the last 32 years.
  5. Thank you Strider. Not since poring over Dave Lewis's books in my youth have I felt any piece of writing take me so far inside the experience of seeing Led Zeppelin live.
  6. And Jimmy was planning to record some of these shows!
  7. Totally agree about preferring the mellower '73 Plant. His vocals on HTWWW are often a tough listen. '77 is my favourite year for him, so much power and command. Interesting point about the visuals. True, when I hear the TSRTS version of Stairway I do automatically think of the mirrorball, the double-neck, the yellow spotlights etc, and it does enhance the music. Got me wondering how our perception of the HTWWW shows might be different if we had pro-footage to go with them.
  8. Thank you for this technical info. I would be interested to hear your view on the actual result of Caveman's work. To my ears, like I said, HTTTW sounds over-processed and unnatural. Bonzo's drums, for example, sound super-charged in a way that falsifies his actual sound rather than enhances it. For me, I want to hear what Bonzo actually played on those nights as he was a master at getting the sound that he wanted from his kit, rather than a sound-engineer's adjustments decades later, but perhaps I am ignorant of the process of making good live records. Having said that, I actually really like the 2007 TSRTS (apart from the edits of course) as it still sounds natural.
  9. I'm late to join this thread but for me it's TSRTS hands down. TSRTS has standout versions of NQ, DAC, STH, NQ, WLL, The Ocean, and CD (the pre-2007 version.) In fact, I would say the versions of STH, DAC and NQ are serious contenders for 'greatest ever' versions. That whole July '73 MSG run has a lovely kind of laid-back intensity to it. The band are hot after a long tour but are also tired and aren't trying too hard. Also, by '73 the band had learnt to just relax and let the music breathe, without pushing it too hard. The spacey jam in OTHAFA is a prime example. As for HTWWW; well, I'm not the biggest fan of '72 Zep anyway. They seemed to be in no-man's-land that year between the ferocity of their ealy years, and the expansion of their mid and later years. Somehow these HTWWW performances just don't do much for me. There is not a single song peformance that is truly one for the ages and there are superior versions to all these songs elsewhere, though the acoustic set is memorable and very nicely captured. My biggest gripe about HTWWW however, is the sound. Sure, it's clear and punchy, but to my ears, also squashed and artificial. Remember reading an interview with Kevin Shirley in which he disclosed that he'd 'tightened' Bonzo's drum sound a little. Why? Bonzo was a master at tuning his own kit and would, no doubt, have got the exact sound he wanted. The result just sounds annoyingly inorganic and artificial to me. Also, the vocals seem strangely divorced from the rest of the band somehow. There are at least 10 boots I'd rather be listening to than this. So, that's my 2 cents worth. Still dreaming of a 3CD Earls Court release this side of 2020.............
  10. I would definitely add 27.6.69 'Another White Summer' (partly released on the BBC sessions.) It's well worth having the complete show with the correct running order.
  11. Motorhead - What's Wordsworth. A short but sweet early live album, with a very ballsy sound. Fun listen.
  12. Eric Clapton - Hartford, CT 13.4.1990 - Ferocious (Beano). Killer show with Clapton on astonishing form. By far the best EC playing I've ever heard. I challenge anyone to honestly call Clapton boring after hearing this. (This show is not to be confused with the video of Hartford '90 which was recorded on the previous night and is not nearly as good.)
  13. Thanks for the reccomendation. High praise indeed to compare it to LA '72! Will certainly give Franfurt a go. It would be great to have one, just one killer '80 show to pull out when in the mood, especially as it is a great set-list.
  14. Agreed all the way, apart from the 1980 tour. I dusted off the Bluecongo matrix of 29.6.80 yesterday (after listening to a lot of prime early Zeppelin shows) and was left just feeling sad at how far they'd fallen. Sure there were a few inspired moments in TUF, SIBLY and STH, but generally the show left me cold, which is a strange experience when listening to the greatest rock band ever.
  15. Surely Jimmy's biggest wardrobe malfunction in his entire Zeppelin career, and in front of 200,000 people too! I know clothes are just clothes, but the shirt and pants did blow his mystique somewhat.
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