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  1. On one of my local country music stations. No kidding. A Canadian country band has done a cover of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" and the marching Kashmir riff is clearly in it with the fiddles/violins. My Mom thought I was nuts when I exclaimed, "Kashmir!" in the middle of the restaurant we were eating in. ETA: Found it. Emerson Drive is the name of the band.
  2. It has been his bum that has been doing it for me lately, for the most part. Steven and I were watching TSRTS on DVD the other night (the DVD most certainly NOT remain the same from the VHS but anyway) Every time I saw a shot of Rob from behind, I was hypnotized and even commented, when Steven noticed I wasn't paying as much attention when he tried to explain something... "Ergh, you could bounce a quarter off that ass!" to which Steven gently laughed, and we continued. The bulge actually became somewhat tiresome although I think I did make a comment on it at some point during the movie.
  3. By the way, that is Carmen, that baby he is holding in one of those pics... right?
  4. ($h!+ disturber mode) Rob's mic is in the wrong hand. (/$h!+ disturber mode) But that is adorable!!
  5. My boyfriend, Steven (kublakhan27 here) put a few songs on some mixed tapes when we were teens. I always had liked Stairway. I then liked In the Light... now I like more, and really got into it.
  6. Not to mention that he looks like he wants to do the first row...
  7. Robert appears to be about to try to sneakily dig for gold in this one...
  8. Hehehehe she removed it. Hang on. ETA: OK, love, I can't send you anything, you're only fifteen, and I don't want to get into trouble. Sorry, dear.
  9. I M ded from teh sexy!!
  10. Well, not quite that one but... there were a few, like one of him kneeling smoking a cigarette on the stage that was either being built or torn down...
  11. Ooooh baby bounce a quarter off that ass......
  12. Ah, yep, that is the first more recent pic that you catch a glimpse of young Robert again. In some pics and video of him when he was younger, you see the older face. It's quite fascinating, really.
  13. Yeah my bf and I found that Stephen Davis had an axe to grind. I did like how he appreciates the music, too... and just when you thought things were utterly deplorable... he interjects something like Robert overheard saying, "God, I miss my wife." After recounting (supposedly) a tale of a plump groupie... eh... OK...
  14. Yeah that one is sweet... there's another one that's really darling too...
  15. How coincidental that I was just talking about how I've never seen Robert with anything on his head. What is that, anyway??
  16. Then he's ummm from someone Robert was with in the late 80s/early 90s. Interesting.
  17. More torture. Time machine. Yes, there'd be a cat fight... honestly who would be willing to share him, hmm? Speck tack you lerr shag. With a capital S. Gotta find out where these guys who look like Robert are.
  18. LOL ^ that's an opposite of a smile, but it makes me smile. Oh God to be her...
  19. This is pure torture. Pics from the 70s and I can't grab him out of them or find him looking this way (as in his appearance) and shag him senseless! So damn hot....
  20. Doy. I thought Logan was the last. How old is Jesse? When was he born? Redundancy...
  21. I'm going to sound stupid to end all stupids. Is Jessie Carmen's son?
  22. Never saw this topic before. Wave.
  23. I also just noticed this... Martha has the dimple in her chin too. On a man I'm told it means you're a playboy. Hmm. I have that... but, as for my hair... well, it only waves and curls a bit at the bottom. Which is fine with me, I despise tangles... and I'm sure Robert has had plenty over his lifetime. My fella is blessed with the same type of curly hair.
  24. He's either tired, drunk or stoned... Or possibly all three.
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