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  1. Haha I totally missed that!
  2. You are so lucky to get to have seen them in their prime. The few times that I have seen Robert solo has been outstanding but I can't imagine seeing THEM. There's nothing like Led Zeppelin and there is no way to describe how amazing the music is! Truly.
  3. Actually my buddy did but I didn't know it at the time. Can't wait to have that pic developed.(I wish I was in the picture too though- but what can you do?)
  4. Woah. I cannot imagine seeing them in their prime. Or just SEEING them together for that matter.
  5. I don't know where this post belongs but I had a crazy experience today. Just got home from the Austin City Limits Festival where Them Crooked Vultures played tonight. Great show! Anyways, around 1:30 today I was in the back of a crowd watching a show going on and my buddy taps me on the shoulder. He says, "Is that a band next to us?" I look over and don't recognize anybody... and then I do a double take. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. John Paul Jones is standing like 10 feet next to me!! Slowly I walked over trying to keep everything cool (I wasn't going to mess up an opportunity like this). I ask h
  6. Hey guys, I have been recording just few demos recently and was just wanting to post my myspace link. Simply curious to see what someone far off thinks www.myspace.com/aptmusik MightyZep
  7. OCD!

    I have that shit too..

  8. I have always admired the ending scene in Dead Poet's Society. When the boys stand on their desks it really drives the whole message home. Inspiring.
  9. Such a talent. Wired a little differently than most but boy was he amazing. Rest in peace Michael Jackson. I too own Thriller on album. It's a must have
  10. No prob! I liked that David Cook thing too. It's really no body's business what his preferences are. I just don't understand why it's that important. Here for the music you know.
  11. I couldn't agree more. By the way here's a link: http://new.music.yahoo.com/blogs/realityro...elp-his-career/
  12. My bad a year behind, at least we agree on it.
  13. I concur with this. Land of the lost, not so much.
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