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  1. Haha I totally missed that!
  2. You are so lucky to get to have seen them in their prime. The few times that I have seen Robert solo has been outstanding but I can't imagine seeing THEM. There's nothing like Led Zeppelin and there is no way to describe how amazing the music is! Truly.
  3. Actually my buddy did but I didn't know it at the time. Can't wait to have that pic developed.(I wish I was in the picture too though- but what can you do?)
  4. Woah. I cannot imagine seeing them in their prime. Or just SEEING them together for that matter.
  5. I don't know where this post belongs but I had a crazy experience today. Just got home from the Austin City Limits Festival where Them Crooked Vultures played tonight. Great show! Anyways, around 1:30 today I was in the back of a crowd watching a show going on and my buddy taps me on the shoulder. He says, "Is that a band next to us?" I look over and don't recognize anybody... and then I do a double take. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. John Paul Jones is standing like 10 feet next to me!! Slowly I walked over trying to keep everything cool (I wasn't going to mess up an opportunity like this). I ask him if he is JPJ, he says yes and I shake his hand. I ask him if I could maybe take a picture and he says in his awesome British accent, "Maybe later. Maybe later..." He turned me down. It's ok though! He didn't want everyone to freak out and that's totally cool. Plus, he gave me one of the greatest memories I've ever had. I mean... Led Zeppelin started me into music! Anyone else have a cool story?
  6. Hey guys, I have been recording just few demos recently and was just wanting to post my myspace link. Simply curious to see what someone far off thinks www.myspace.com/aptmusik MightyZep
  7. OCD!

    I have that shit too..

  8. I have always admired the ending scene in Dead Poet's Society. When the boys stand on their desks it really drives the whole message home. Inspiring.
  9. Such a talent. Wired a little differently than most but boy was he amazing. Rest in peace Michael Jackson. I too own Thriller on album. It's a must have
  10. No prob! I liked that David Cook thing too. It's really no body's business what his preferences are. I just don't understand why it's that important. Here for the music you know.
  11. I couldn't agree more. By the way here's a link: http://new.music.yahoo.com/blogs/realityro...elp-his-career/
  12. My bad a year behind, at least we agree on it.
  13. I concur with this. Land of the lost, not so much.
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