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  1. I will be at Bonnaroo this year and it was a TREAT to see John Paul Jones all over the farm last year. I am still holding out hope that JPJ had SUCH a good time, he will bring some mates to TN with him. One can dream...
  2. I don't know if it was this board or another board, but someone was claiming to have taken Jimmy's picture for a magazine cover that was not being revealed.
  3. I'm sure it is. But interesting following the "Whitesnake" debacle this week.
  4. As the story goes, more rumors on the "internets." This one calls for four nights at the dome in Toronto. News Exclusive: Led Zeppelin Tour Toronto This Summer May 17, 2008 Everyone knows about Led Zeppelin's reunion show in London, UK this past December. Naturally, it was both magical and nostalgic. And a 'once in a lifetime' opportunity, right? Maybe not. So NME confirmed late last year that Led Zeppelin had plans to go on tour sometime in 2008. Well, a reliable source just gave me a scoop on some Toronto dates. Apparently these dates will be announced shortly...but now you
  5. I realize this place is an agency. But they have a list of who is touring by dividing the year into quarters. Some very interesting names on the list of late 08 tours. It's just exciting to even mention as a possibility. http://buyviptickets.wordpress.com/2008/02...and-tour-dates/ Upcoming Concert Tickets and Tour Dates February 6, 2008 · No Comments Get VIP Tickets to your favorite upcoming concerts and events. Below are a list of upcoming tours and artists for 2008. 2008 1st Quarter Bruce Springsteen& E-Street Band Bon Jovi George Strait Hannah Montana Andre
  6. I apologize. I thought the Firm was on this lineup in Rio. Here is the list from that 85 show. MIGHTY impressive lineup for that time period. Some HUGE bands played that year. International Artists Brazilian Artists AC/DC Al Jarreau The B-52's George Benson The Go-Go's Iron Maiden James Taylor Nina Hagen Ozzy Osbourne Queen Rod Stewart Scorpions Whitesnake Yes Alceu Valença Baby Consuelo & Pepeu Gomes Barão Vermelho Blitz Eduardo Dusek Elba Ramalho Erasmo Carlos
  7. Iron Maiden was the band that was on before Queen at the 85 "Rock in Rio" concert. I believe the firm was on the bill as well. Funny this is brought up. I just watched the released Live After Death dvd and they have Maiden's set from that Rock In Rio concert. I believe it is still the largest crowd Maiden had performed for. Queen closed out the show. I highly recommend the Maiden DVD. Great stuff. Watching them perform in front of over 300,000 people is amazing. Pretty sure that is where that pic with Jimmy came from.
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