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  1. Happy birthday Evan! I don't care if you don't visit hete anymore, I'm not going to stop wishing you a happy birthday and hope you come back. Wishing you all the best!

  2. Is it TRUE?!? Are you really BACK Evan!?! I saw a post from you tonight and had to rub my eyes to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. Hope this means you are on the mend.

  3. A friend asked me what I thought about Dec 21, 2012. Solar flares? Mayan calendar? End of the world? Let's look at the popular theories: 1. Mayan Long Count Calendar. An astronomical calendar based on the alignment of Earth and our Solar system with the Galactic center in Sagittarius, which occurs every 5000 +/- years and will occur on "the date". 2. Leaving the Piscean age and entering the age of Aquarius, also on about "the date". A time of great spiritual awakening. 3. The aliens will return. 4. Armageddon. So what will happen? Global upheaval? Tidal waves? Earthquakes? Alie
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE! Hope you and Angi had a rocking righteous day! Come back soon...we miss you.

  5. Happy Birthday! Miss you.

  6. Happy Birthday and still hoping to see you back here soon:-)

  7. Happy Birthday muh man!

    Miss ya and hope to see ya soon!

  8. Hi Evster...just checking to see if there was any update on the situation...hope all is well...cheers!

  9. Happy B-Day!!

  10. Happy Birthday! We miss you!


    We miss you and hope to see you back soon:-)

  12. dude, are still around??

  13. You go in cage? Cage go's in the water? You go in the water? Sharks in the water, our shark.....Farewell and adiou to you fair Spanish ladies....

    Just read your "Jaws" post from last year, the greatest movie(drama) ever made to me!

    Do you have any muscle cars? I've got a big

    block Cutlass and my wife has a 79 Z28.

    Later dude.

  14. Miss you and hope your back soon

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