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  1. Happy birthday Evan! I don't care if you don't visit hete anymore, I'm not going to stop wishing you a happy birthday and hope you come back. Wishing you all the best!

  2. Is it TRUE?!? Are you really BACK Evan!?! I saw a post from you tonight and had to rub my eyes to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. Hope this means you are on the mend.

  3. A friend asked me what I thought about Dec 21, 2012. Solar flares? Mayan calendar? End of the world? Let's look at the popular theories: 1. Mayan Long Count Calendar. An astronomical calendar based on the alignment of Earth and our Solar system with the Galactic center in Sagittarius, which occurs every 5000 +/- years and will occur on "the date". 2. Leaving the Piscean age and entering the age of Aquarius, also on about "the date". A time of great spiritual awakening. 3. The aliens will return. 4. Armageddon. So what will happen? Global upheaval? Tidal waves? Earthquakes? Aliens? Or maybe the age of global interaction via the internet will trigger the Biblical Armageddon. Will all be "revealed"? Antichrist? Nuclear annihilation? World War lll? Will the world economy collapse? Plague? Asteroid? Or maybe a new age of spiritual enlightenment will come about. Stuff happens every day. Will that particular day deliver something extra special? Maybe we should treat every day like it could be that day. Maybe we should endeavor to look outward instead of inward. Do we really need to wait for a special occasion? Perhaps that's the point of all prophecy; to remind us to look outward. Some people react with hope. Some are motivated by fear. Fear of suffering. Fear of death. I guess if that's what gets us off our asses, maybe that's best. I don't know. I'm no prophet. I've read many things. More than some. Not nearly as much as others. Stuff about pyramids. Gods and monsters. Common themes in seemingly disconnected theologies. Maps of Antarcitica without ice from before our technology could show us what lies beneath. Yes, I enjoy the subject and I enjoy entertaining possibilities. I've seen a lot of strange things. What I believe is my own. I'm not here to witness. My personal experience is that when you get too many people following the same path, things get rapidly distorted. Human nature somehow always causes someone to want to tell the rest how it is and why they've got it right and you've got it wrong. Maybe we're all wrong. Maybe there is no right. And so it goes. All I know (or rather feel) is that things are accelerating exponentially. Some would call it the "quickening". Every time something is created to make things easier, things become more complex. Some call that entropy. Order from chaos. Chaos from order. Will anything happen on 12/21/2012? Well, if enough people are certain it must, someone will make something happen. Sometimes we create out own destiny. Sometimes if someone thinks something is imminent, he/she will make something happen. Is it because it was written in the book? Or did someone simply manifest something because they were convinced it was unavoidable? Paging Marshall Applewhite! Get yer Nikes on! Time to ride that comet! Maybe I'll finally balance my checkbook. Now that would be an honest to god miracle! Here's an idea. On 12/21/2012, everybody commit a selfless act of kindness somehow, some way. Who knows? Maybe the aliens will decide their intervention is no longer required Peace, Evster(2012) P.S. There's a reason I've been away from forums for the last two years. Reading the venom people sling at each other in threads like this one reminds me why. See you in two more years. I'll show myself the door.
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE! Hope you and Angi had a rocking righteous day! Come back soon...we miss you.

  5. Happy Birthday! Miss you.

  6. Happy Birthday and still hoping to see you back here soon:-)

  7. Happy Birthday muh man!

    Miss ya and hope to see ya soon!

  8. Hi Evster...just checking to see if there was any update on the situation...hope all is well...cheers!

  9. Happy B-Day!!

  10. Happy Birthday! We miss you!


    We miss you and hope to see you back soon:-)

  12. dude, are still around??

  13. You go in cage? Cage go's in the water? You go in the water? Sharks in the water, our shark.....Farewell and adiou to you fair Spanish ladies....

    Just read your "Jaws" post from last year, the greatest movie(drama) ever made to me!

    Do you have any muscle cars? I've got a big

    block Cutlass and my wife has a 79 Z28.

    Later dude.

  14. Miss you and hope your back soon

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