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  1. I can't fall asleep to Zep because I know the words and I want to sing. Raising Sand is good to fall asleep to. Except Gone Gone Gone because that makes me want to get up and dance.
  2. No, it says Master Recording at the top.
  3. I saw Janis (the movie) on tv last night. It was great. She was really fun, and she was no dummy either.
  4. You're not boring. I happen to think you are interesting and nice.
  5. Two Led Zeppelin Picture Discs. My dad got a Rush album, not sure what on though, I'll find out and tell you later.
  6. I'm going to the first Louisville show. Is that still the first night?
  7. I missed Richard again. Only now for longer. Is someone here?
  8. Led Zeppelin Janis Joplin All original Beatles plus some.
  9. I love Raising Sand. It's Krauss.
  10. I haven't seen Love, Janis but I'd like to. It hasn't come near me but when it does I'm going to see it.
  11. Hello everyone, I miss talking to you. Whose here?
  12. It is a Led Zeppelin and it wasn't released on an album. It was released on a 45, and in the complete studio recordings.
  13. One was Love, Janis by her sister. The other was Scars of Sweet Paradise.
  14. I use the normal mix and put ALOT of choclate chips in it. Unless I want plain ones, then normal mix with syrup.
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