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  1. apparently the Schleyerhalle in Stuttgart opened only in 1983. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle The guy the venue was named after, Hanns Martin Schleyer was shot dead by the R.A.F. in October 1977. also the "tour dates sticker" looks just like a cheap photoshop job, even in angle. no LZ german tour in 77 !
  2. sweet, i might get one of those 45s, tho i have it already on a vinyl boot LP. wouldn't this one be a nice option for next year's RSD ? : https://www.discogs.com/de/John-Paul-Jones-Baja/release/4903288 i've never seen a copy of it on vinyl.
  3. thanx Kenticus for that recent CB recording, but i think it had more of a kool stop - go guitar riff at the Berlin Zitadelle. here's the opening of the Berlin show, NQ : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kH95xBbKMM&list=UUkHI8w7Tk1ZgooRoLMzpR4A&index=4 doesnt sound to me like someone was trying to steal JPJ's thunder by soloing on keys. instead, a rather short impressionistic guitar solo by Mr. Tyson. and what a timbre this singer has and three days on, i'm still looking for some footage of that formidable CB rendition..
  4. So i went to see the Berlin Concert yesterday and i'm still puzzled a bit: while this was overall a very nice open air gig, i was suprised by at least two LZ song choices. 1st - as an intro we got No Quarter. myself being not too familiar with the actual touring setlist, that astounded me a bit, not to mention to start a night off with such a slow, moody tune. but 2nd - the bigger surprise - and better in performance was the 2nd encore tune: COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN ! i only once heard a live vocal interpretation of CB that seemed to match the banshee screaming studio version and that was
  5. that's fantabulous !! is there any chance of WLL having a vinyl 7" release soon then ?
  6. have there been any hints or evidences as to the release of 7" or 10" vinyl singles of certain tunes yet ? would love to see an alt version / mix of WLL or IS as single release. also maybe the live version of GTBT/CB, all backed with the original tunes OR something even more interesting (outtakes?). i know the market for this is probably relative small, but i'm a deejay myself and wouldn't wanna carry all those vinyl albums around when spinning in a club situation. plus, wasnt there a (withdrawn?) 7" of STH for the Remasters thing in 1990? The market for vinyl freaks has since become more
  7. after the questions they showed a nice new video edit for the alt WLL version. now its over, people cheering warmly and are leaving the hall to the sounds of Were Gonna Groove.
  8. KTTH sounded very clear, just acoustic guitar picking & robert's vocals thru a tremolo amp. no slide guitar here. IS - didnt hear a solo.
  9. Thanx for this , Sam - youtube blocked the whole damn thing over here.
  10. nice old Fender VI six string bass (unless it's stringed with Baritone strings) !! just strolling a little off topic for as long as there are no videos from the actual show - wonder if JPJ has the Fender VI since long and if he ever recorded / doubled any zep riffs with this ? i believe he toured with Jet Harris in '63 when Jet had a hit with "Diamonds" which had a strong Fender VI melody line. (not to mention the young hip rhythm guitar slinger in that recording) here's Diamonds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHyTN5DQT6E
  11. splendid ! enjoyed hearing the theremin section clearly here for the first time without getting mixed up with guitar, electronic noises, conga, flying FX faders & twiddling balance nobs
  12. for me prog rock needs to have a keyboard or synth of some sort in it. so that counts out PRESENCE as i dont hear any keys on it. most proggy LZ album is HOTH - lots of weirdness and sudden changes in there, followed by ITTOD despite the bad keyboard sounds, then maybe PG or IV.
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