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  1. apparently the Schleyerhalle in Stuttgart opened only in 1983. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle The guy the venue was named after, Hanns Martin Schleyer was shot dead by the R.A.F. in October 1977. also the "tour dates sticker" looks just like a cheap photoshop job, even in angle. no LZ german tour in 77 !
  2. sweet, i might get one of those 45s, tho i have it already on a vinyl boot LP. wouldn't this one be a nice option for next year's RSD ? : https://www.discogs.com/de/John-Paul-Jones-Baja/release/4903288 i've never seen a copy of it on vinyl.
  3. Roger has put up a nice scan of the german article of the Foreigner / LZ 1982 live jam up on his own thread yesterday, so please take a peep over there !
  4. Just sent out a request to Roger Berlin on his own thread "Magazines and Articles by Roger Berlin" at the LZ Master Forum about the press article from May 1982's BRAVO magazine showing pics from the live jam with Foreigner. I hope he will respond and finds the time to scan and post it soon there. I remember Robert looking really good in those pictures in black clothes while Lou Gramm seemed to wear a Robert Plant "1980 LZ Over Europe" rip-off version of green T-shirt and blue jeans
  5. Yes Steve, that looks like a pic from the same show and in those Hammersmith pics Jimmy does play his B-Bender Tele whereas i remember from the Munich shots he was playing a black Les Paul (probably a Mick Jones back up instrument). Thank you for helping to clear this matter. now, where are those Munich Jam pics ? i know i saved the magazine in my parents home, but that is currently about 600 km from here..
  6. now, do you mind if i start a little ramblin on this topic ? i do remember in 82 being a german 13-14 year old teenager and full on big time into Zep then. and i used to read those kiddie zines then, because i couldnt get good info on rock music elsewhere (not that those zines made much sense). so what i def remember is that a then weekly zine called POP/ROCKY did run a short report on this jam with a B/W pic, probably the week after it happenend. i can't prove this with a pic, because i dont have it anymore, neither did i find it anywhere online yet. then a week (or maybe two) after that, a competing teenie mag called BRAVO did run a whole 2 page story with full color pics on Foreigner jamming with Jimmy & Robert onstage in Munich and even had a quote or two (i think from RP) about the event, going sth like (not the exact words-just my memory): " Oh, Jimmy & I were just in Munich by chance when Foreigner came to town and they are truely among the best of rock bands these days and also good friends-labelmates, so we went backstage and then were invited to join in a couple of numbers for an encore. we did "Lucille" and it was real good fun indeed, makes me want to go back onstage again soon!" now i remember Robert on the double page color pics with the Foreigner live band wearing cool looking black leather pants and a black t-shirt, along with white sneakers, Jimmy wore a grey suit and white scarf in my memory. seeing on the picture above as reposted from the Dave Lewis book, it doesnt seem to come at all from the same performance. it rather looks like a nice Jimmy shot from ARMS with a photoshopped-in Robert to me. I've tried to look into the BRAVO online archives for May 1982 to have some proof for this, but they are only as far as 1980 with their archive and anyway it would cost some cash to download (whole issues available only). but perhaps Roger Berlin could help us out here ? my point is, the pic above is NOT from the JP/RP/Foreigner Munich jam, but there def are some good pics around in some mag collectors archive
  7. Yes, it will come, at least JPJ stated that in an audience Q & A at the berlin premiere of Celebration Day.
  8. me neither and i was at the gig, so i've had an eye open over the years. i remember they played a really fine full band rendition of Yallah (TheTruthExplodes) there, not sure if they also involved the egyptians into that tune, but kinda most likely.
  9. ah of course wikipedia is our friend, its from the 1968 album " The Graham Gouldman Thing": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Graham_Gouldman_Thing
  10. Here`s a version of a well known tune, performed by the man who actually wrote it. look at who arranged this (and quite possibly played keys and absolutely played bass on it) : this being a much more heavy version than the yardbirds rendition with clapton, i suppose it was recorded after it had been a hit. anyone know more about this ?
  11. hey Thank You,

    it s been a while,and tho im not really posting much here,

    im still reading along ;)

    best wishes from berlin


  12. Happy Birthday!!!

  13. Gracias for this concert memory, Badgeholder! well i only got into detective in the early 80s while searching for swan song music. after two studio albums and a live promo LP, accordingly the band broke up while recording album # 3 yes indeed it was the disco age, just take a look at that 2nd album cover! but the music sounds great to me today: heavy, funky and dark the most complete discography i could find for the band is here. does anybody remember Michael Des Barres' band Silverhead from the early 70s ? The guitarist here was a certain Robbie Blunt. for Grim Reaper, somebody must have read your thoughts, it was just uploaded a few days ago.
  14. Thanx for pulling out those memories Deborah J! uuuh, Competition sounds like a better Bad Company.. at least two brits in this american band. i also have this swan song live promo LP in my shelf sitting here since 2 decades, think i'll give it a spin later hey Badgeholder, do u have any memories from the concert to share ?
  15. what a nice mistake, cos 'One More Heartache' has so many similarities with WTLB. and the overall sound of the drums make one believe that it was really mr. page's 'fault' that one remembers mr. bonham's sound so much. i've always wondered how deep jimmy's involvement with Detective really was, as some of those guitars sound soooo familiar.. is there any proof he came to play some himself ? and of course it's a shame, that post LZ he never really went into studio production other than for his own projects like for instance mr. jones did.
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