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  1. Yes, I'm definately going to go with his Custom Classic. I always wondered why when page lost the bigsby from his arsenal, why he never purchased another during zeppelin days? Instead choosing to resort to the strat for the tremolo
  2. I like Duffs write up about it. Pretty much says everything that should be said about the band and hell, the music industry as a whole. And the ginger baker story was pretty hilarious. Thanks for the post
  3. Love this topic. It's great to hear some info on mods. I havent actually done any serious mods as yet, but always considering it. Cheers guys
  4. If ur talking about me paying 10 bucks maybe you outta check where im from before insulting me. 10 aus dollars is about 7.50 US dollars so yeh... what was that u were saying about suggested retail?
  5. I never knew he had two danelectros. I know he played Kashmir on the White Summer/Black mountainside guitar because he leads into it at the Knebworth concert. Interesting
  6. My brother made me listen to Custard Pie and The Rover. Absolutely loved it, still two of my favourite zeppelin songs too
  7. I just can't believe people just go out and start fires for fun in these sort of conditions. If they find the guy(s)/girl(s) that did this i seriously think it should be the death penalty. Thats the only way to get a message through to those sick bastards. about a year ago we had a bunch of people light 5 fires in different suburbs where i live. They burnt through houses near me and it got pretty close at one stage to consider leaving or fighting, we were just lucky the wind was blowing in a different direction. Theres also been someone setting fire to kings park in perth repeatedly and they havent found out who it is yet. It's great to see how much people are donating to this.
  8. 33 or 34 today... thats in degrees C. possible shower so its gonna be really humid. Work was cancelled so i get to chill out indoors
  9. with the RSE it gets pretty close to how you wanted, even though still sounding hollow. I personally haven't had the time to get to know how to use it properly so its only use for me is for tabs downloaded in GP5 form. Oh and the convert to adobe acrobat form is great. Let's you print out perfect copies on paper.
  10. wow, since when has all the boards become so aggro. I own a squire strat - my starter guitar and a Epiphone Les Paul Custom. It's not a bad collection considering im only 20. Soon as i have money to burn i might consider upgrading to a gibson, but right now ive got no problems with my epi and lovin it to bits. so i think its gonna be an amp and a few pedals before a new guitar. seriously though what the hell happened to icantquityoubabe. I liked that dude, pretty good guitar knowledge even though he plays a "shitty epiphone" edit: those DOS guitars over $1000 come with strings for life program haha. Gotta love that if you live in or near Ontario.
  11. i was watching the bushfire appeal cricket match and 31 million dollars has already been raised
  12. ive currently got ernie super slinkys on my strat and extra slinkys on my Les Paul. Both of which are excellent strings. One thing i do have problems with is the rate you really need to replace them. I only put the extra slinkys on 3 weeks ago and theyre aleady going out of tune. The extra's are also the ones that are 8 guage, ridiculously bendy, good sound, top strings. But just abit impractical if you aren't a musician. I'm still gonna use them but 10 bucks and a restring every 3 weeks.... and i guess if you were playing more than i am it would have to be much less time than that.
  13. The part about don't douse yourself in water sounds accurate but i saw on the news that an old man had stayed to try save his house but he couldnt save it so he just sat about 10 metres in front of the house with the hosepipe constantly drenching him in water and he survived, even though there was nothing left of his house. He watched it go up in smoke
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