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  1. Yes, I'm definately going to go with his Custom Classic. I always wondered why when page lost the bigsby from his arsenal, why he never purchased another during zeppelin days? Instead choosing to resort to the strat for the tremolo
  2. I like Duffs write up about it. Pretty much says everything that should be said about the band and hell, the music industry as a whole. And the ginger baker story was pretty hilarious. Thanks for the post
  3. Love this topic. It's great to hear some info on mods. I havent actually done any serious mods as yet, but always considering it. Cheers guys
  4. If ur talking about me paying 10 bucks maybe you outta check where im from before insulting me. 10 aus dollars is about 7.50 US dollars so yeh... what was that u were saying about suggested retail?
  5. I never knew he had two danelectros. I know he played Kashmir on the White Summer/Black mountainside guitar because he leads into it at the Knebworth concert. Interesting
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