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  1. 33 or 34 today... thats in degrees C. possible shower so its gonna be really humid. Work was cancelled so i get to chill out indoors
  2. wow can't believe i only just found this thread I love summer coz it's the only time of the year everyone is off work and it's pretty much just one big party for about 4 weeks. I passed up on two concerts these past few days. Rollercoaster and Southbound. Rollercoaster because last years one was pretty much just a haze for me, and Southbound pretty much coz of the cost. A mate was trying to sell me a ticket for $220. Didn't really feel like spending that much cash on it, i'd rather fix my amp or guitar that's way over due. All this stuff about sharks these days is pretty repetitive. since christmas it's pretty much been everyday one has been spotted. The father got killed when he was snorkelling with his son and since then it's been one sighted on scarborough or trigg or cott and even stuff about the government doing nothing to stop it. But i mean it wouldnt really stop me from going in the water unless i knew the shark was at the beach. That shark attack was just down the road from my house. Hows that for a really random post Long overdue, haha
  3. Thats one of my favourite shows. Where do i get myself a waistcoat like that , been on the lookout
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