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  1. if we're talking strictly rock songs, and we all know that Led Zeppelin invented Heavy metal.... i would have to say that "the ocean" would get my vote. you cant say thats not one of their heaviest songs.
  2. i heard a rumor that not to long ago, robert was in a bar and the red hot chilli peppers came on the radio and he freaked out saying that what they did was not music and that they sucked. anyone else here this? could just be one of those rumors....
  3. what about "tangerine" was that a separate string section or was it jones?
  4. St. peter at the gates of heaven, wont you let me in? and I received a message from my brother across the water He sat laughin' as he wrote the ends in sight So I said goodbye to all my friends And packed my hopes inside a matchbox cause I know its time to fly and Wheres that confounded bridge?
  5. I dont know, i could be wrong (and probably am) but i feel like the "he" at the beginning of the song is a drug pusher and robert is singing from the perspective of the dealer. "i wanna tell you bout my good friend, i aint disclosin' no names but, he sure is a good friend, and i aint gonna tell you where he comes from, but if i tell you, you wont come agian." He buys from the pusher "his good friend" and sells to "you." he doesnt want you to go to the pusher because you will get a better price. this is just my interpretation of the lyric. if i am missing something obvious that is tell
  6. I could not agree more. what they did with any of the music they "stole" was exactly what it was intended for. to be re-thought and played from a different perspective. the original artists would be proud of what was done with their pieces. also people make it out to be like Zeppelin was the only group to do it.
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