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  2. My passcode was B9Z43D...I was in disbelief when I made it onto the special site for tickets...the ebay passcode was NOT a fake! Whew! One of the smarter moves in my life. Flew out on a Friday from Atlanta...got my tix on Sunday...saw RnR history on Monday. Here are the songs I really wanted to hear...I could easily add a dozen more... For Your Life! In My Time of Dying The Rover Achilles Last Stand In the Light Carouselambra I'm Gonna Crawl Tangerine I guess Robert has made it very clear. That was the last show...forever. I promised myself if I ever got the chance, I would not miss the boys. And I didn't. Funny thing is, I paid a mere fraction of what I was eager and willing to pay for the whole deal. Rock on, Led Zeppelin, rock on...
  3. Yes, Jimmy Page is number one...but... Check out LOUDNESS' AKIRA TAKASAKI on STREET LIFE DREAM. Unbelievable...
  4. I waited 35 years to see the boys. There was going to be no tears from me. Went out to ebay and saw around 90 passcodes! Could not believe my freaking eyes. Started getting hot in my study...what to do, what to do? Called a friend and asked him if he could go...while I was on the phone, the numbers of available passcodes started dropping drastically. Time to make a decision, with or without my bud. Had the balls to push the BUY IT NOW for $300. When it was all over, I invited a hot chick and we both saw the best band in the world for a paltry total of $400 each. I bet all of you anti-touts who could not make the show now wish you had done that. I learned something that day...if you want it, go for it. Do not hesitate. I would have paid $3K for that ticket...and it would have been so worth it...after all...it's only money.
  5. It is painfully obvious, that...after all we have gone through to see this band...that if you leave early to catch a freaking bus, taxi, train...whatever...that you are a WANKER and do not deserve a ticket in the first place! Valhalla, I am coming!!!
  6. B9Z43D@O2! (Michael) - Midland, GA - arriving 12/8 Beverly - Auburn, AL - arriving 12/8
  7. I believe it is at the IndigO2...a club near, or attached to, the O2 Arena... See www.TheIndigo2.co.uk
  8. Apples and Oranges...but since I like apples better than oranges... I can say that Jimmy Page has always been my favorite. But, I do not consider him best. Don Felder, Joe Walsh, Steve Vai??? Give me a break! Even Eddie Van Halen...sorry...can't do it. He kicked the rock scene in the ass in the late 70s, early 80s and he has a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame reserved for him, but he by no means can be included in the top 5...would have to really think hard if he is to even make top 10. There are so many guitarists that are so incredibly talented. But here is my very short list of the top 4... I don't have the time of day to think about 5-100... Here goes: 1, 2 - Tie between Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn. The two rock gods of all time. I lean to Jimi because of what he did...what he came up with...had NEVER been done before...and that earns him a huge chunk of votes. Stevie is right there for being the only guitarist I know of who became one with the instrument...there was not a note or sound that he did not know that a guitar could make. 3 - Jimmy Page. 4 - Joe Satriani. If you don't know about him or think he should not be here, go see him live. Your jaw should drop. Others who can play the hell out of a guitar: Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Pete Townsend, David Gilmour, Rory Gallagher, Keith Richards, Glenn Phillips, Pete Frampton, Jay Mascis, Porl Thompson, Michael Schenker, Frank Zappa, Alex Lifeson, Frank Marino, Reeves Gabrels, Billy Duffy, Dave Navarro, Rhandy Rhodes, Eddie Van Halen, Leo Kottke, Neil Young, Danny Gatton, Lindsey Buckingham, Neal Schon...etc...
  9. Hopefully the band will pick two other shorter songs to play instead of Stairway. That would be just dandy by me!
  10. Wow...I am very surprised. Now you have me thinking about buying a nice digital (nicer than I already have)...one that will slip into a pocket. I will be very surprised if that holds up. In many years of seeing many shows, I have NEVER been to a show that said, sure, come on in with your camera. Anyone knows what the Ticketmaster site says?
  11. $90 or so for the Eagles Reunion tour...not worth it at all...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz $640 or so...somewhere in there for Opening Ceremony Ticket to the 1996 Atlanta Olympics...absolutely WORTH IT!!!
  12. The morning of October 2, I found probably 100 passcodes sitting on the net...on an unamed webpage (!), waiting to be purchased. I called a friend in Atlanta, asking him what he thought. And as we talked, he told me he could not make the trip... and I watched the numbers start to dwindle before my very eyes... Talk about taking a hard swallow... 10 available... refresh... 8 available... refresh... 6 available... GOOD GRIEF! When 4 remained, I jumped and pushed the BUY IT NOW button, hoping that I had not thrown $300 out the window. And now we all know the rest of the story... So how can my passcode provider be classified as a horrible, greedy, tout? He helped me achieve a dream... I will forever be indebted to him. How many of you folks who badmouth these businessmen would have passed up on that kind of a deal? My advice to Sick as a parrot...find the money...you might be able to find one for $2-3K... In 5, 10 years, what will that kind of money mean? Your memories are what last forever...and even if they tour next year, this UK show will be an evening to remember forever...
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