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  1. I think I might have something for you. I took it from about nine rows back... any good?
  2. Just logged on after a long absence. I'm listening to the matrixed version now, and yes GTBT gets a huge cheer. But then again it's the moment the gig really started so it was a sheer 'let's have it' roar. Plant's build up to Dazed and Confused ensured it got a real cheer "There are certain songs that have to be there and er.... and this is one of them" Then the bass guitar kicks in. :D
  3. There were loads of HD cameras all over the place. There were even official video cameras in the crowd. I was about 10 rows back, stage centre, and a bloke next to me had a handheld (but good quality) video camera filming the gig but also the crowd. Oh to have this gig on Blu-ray.
  4. I'll second that. It's FAR better than the Wendy version, or any other version i've listened too. It's got great bass levels and top end is excellent too. And I've probably downloaded about seven different bootlegs.
  5. I doubt you'll see an DVD of the event until late summer/Xmas. With all the technology involved, the editing and mixing of the actual event video and sound, the production of the DVD content itself in terms of mapping the content, what extras and bonus material to include. Then there's the DVD packaging process involving artwork, supporting material. Then you get to the marketing stage, artwork, promo's, ads etc leading up to a launch date at a peak buying period (probably Christmas). All suggests an anniversary DVD release, just in time for the Xmas buying period.
  6. Actually, I've found the third eye stuff online now. But any additional footage is always worth a look.
  7. heard but not seen the third eye stuff. Got a link? PM please?
  8. Is it the one done by IanA that you've seen? If so, I've got it. It's not bad, but fairly out of focus and shot from high up and from the left.
  9. Yes, for you to realise your first post on this thread was uncalled for.
  10. Is that your best comeback? I guess bore was pretty accurate.
  11. I believe she said it 'helps', not that it compensates. She was trying to be helpful. And I think it's down to karmapanda to judge whether or not it was indeed helpful. The fact chose to butt into a reply from Georgia to someone else makes you an attention seeking bore. Tough shite you didn't make it to the O2, but don't take it out on a forum member. Have a good weekend.
  12. My daughters love Rock 'n' Roll too, and I've been subjecting them to it in the car and at home (they're 4 and 8). I'm listening to the flac version of Slowburn's bootleg right now. God it sounds awesome!
  13. Thanks for the info. I'm pretty confidence the delay is just down to demand. I dropped them an email just in case, but I guess I'll get a similar reply, give it a few more days.
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