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  1. hope you find this interesting... enjoy....
  2. yeah! ..the whole 'math-core' thing.. i'm sure it's pleasing to someone's ear and each to their own but... if i wanted to watch someone pound a treadmill, lift weights and stare at themselves in an extremely insular way in the mirror.. i'd go to the gym.
  3. well put.. and... i don't think anyone should assume that learning to use a double bass pedal is easy. the presumtion seems to be that the pedal does all the work for you full stop. this isn't the case at all. it may make triplets and quads etc. easier but it takes some learning and practice in the first place to use two pedals effectively.. very much a drumming 'skill'. it's not like you press a magic button and glorious 16ths roll forth from the kit..
  4. well.. there you go.. it would be a massive coincidence for robert to have said 'braced' which, while technically a very usable word.. highly unlikely, especially as there is photographic evidence and reports of jason admitting (not that there's anything to be ashamed of) that he uses a double bass pedal. either way with conversations like this that always bring out 'youtube' style comments like: 'i can play that' ..so what? a million guitarists,bass players,singers could probably all individually play a lot of the things that well known bands can but did they also join/make a band where the whole was greater than the sum of the parts? nope.. they've just played in their bedroom or played pub gigs.. being part of and contributing to a hugely influential band be it also producing and writing whilst also mesmerising audiences is something that few do.. jason had every right to play his father's drum parts however he saw fit in a way that allowed himself to be comfortable also.. it's understandable from a purists view that there may be shock value when talking 'bonham and bass drum' but i don't think anyone could ever really expect a clone of the great j.b. and all that it would encompass.
  5. the original version of pompei for me.. so i'd say the vhs! i won't go into general zep/floyd chat as this isn't really the question here
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