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  1. Lubricate Dare to go there....
  2. So why would my opinion count? I'll tell you.....anyone who would pick another artist over the host artiist's forum, deserves a rebutle. Maybe if we were comparing "Pulse" you might have a debate. Even "Watersless," Pulse is a great compilation and a classic performance, but you don't disrespect the host. It's like LeBron wearing a Yankee's hat in the Indian's house. A true Zeppie NEVER needs a a break. No Offence, just an opinion.
  3. Tequila Sunrise (Eagles tribute) House of Blues Cleveland, OH 11-24-07 Next up: Trippin Billies (DMB tribute) Same venue 03-29-08
  4. Because it's the most unique pronunciation for a song I've ever heard.
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