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  1. That's exactly what I thought when I first heard "Custard Pie." I grew up in the New Orleans area and NEVER heard the song on the local "rock" station, WRNO, in the 1970's, or ever, for that matter. What a sucky, narrow-minded, overrated station that was. It was run by two spoiled rich brothers who were Beatles fanatics, so all you ever heard was "Beatles weekends." Today it's a talk radio station.
  2. I totally agree. I would consider "bar band" as a badge of honor. That certanly was the case for Lynyrd Skynyrd, who were "discovered" by Al Kooper in an Atlanta bar called Funochio's.
  3. The Caddy is Plant's favorite car, from what I've read. That's why he agreed to having "RnR" used in the commercial.
  4. That's true, and he didn't allow the other guys onstage to perform with him at CCR's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  5. Makes an ass of himself in public on a regular basis? That's just ridiculous. Robert just did a gig that benefitted victims of Hurricane Ike, many of whom are still without power and living in misery. I would call that showing "class," not "ass." Man, some of you people need to get over your Plant Derangement Syndrome.
  6. That one photo of Keith (#11) reminds me that I need to get a Halloween costume soon.
  7. Either way, Robert is sure to be peppered with a new round of questions from the media.
  8. Sebastian Bach. They're going out as Savage Animal.
  9. Couldn't agree more. Yeah, that Ryan Seacrest is a real powerhouse in the talent department, isn't he?
  10. Just ran across this on Classic Rock magazine online: Jimmy Page and Leona Lewis set for Whole Lotta Love duet According to Gigwise.com, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page will play the band's song Whole Lotta Love alongside Leona Lewis this weekend. The pair will perform together at the closing ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Bassist Guy Pratt apparently let slip what song they would perform in a post on his blog. “You may also be interested to know that when Jimmy Page and Leona Lewis perform Whole Lotta Love at the end of the Olympics, that’s me playing bass on it
  11. I have an older cousin who went to a Zep show in Baton Rouge and drank some shroom juice. He spent the whole show laughing and crying hysterically and chewing on the Zep concert t-shirt he bought. It was in tatters by the end of the night.
  12. Congratulations on the most inappropriate and moronic comment I've ever read on this forum, and I've seen many. The reason the Twin Towers fell was because of 19 hate-filled motherf*ckers who had no business in this country to begin with.
  13. I would rather listen to ABBA than the absolute crap they pass off as "new rock" or "alternative rock" nowadays. At least ABBA weren't a bunch of poseurs.
  14. That's a clip from Guitar World, right? He also blew the gig with Guns n Roses by not being reliable about showing up for rehearsals. I thought that was poetic justice for Axl.
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