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  1. Hey Jim

    Cant seem to send you PMs

    Hope all is well

  2. The Loch Ness Monster is real alright. Our tourist industry depends on it.
  3. Planning the weekend trip to a remote mountain hut over coffee and biscuits.
  4. Come on Jethro, we want to see now, we were all hairy in the 70's.............I did it
  5. Just finished this Ploughing my way through this.
  6. Well have been posting here for 5 years on and off and swore I would never do this but as uploading pictures for family thought why not. Old Geezer.........spent two nights in this mouse infested bothy in the middle of nowhere Action man in the Cairngorms Stunning surroundings and a Northern Monkey
  7. The Fall are Great, Hex Induction hour is not one of their great albums, Same with Nick Cave, Tender prey is not Nick at his best. Now then, Trout Mask Replica..............have owned it for about 30 years, even replaced it on CD. No matter how stoned or drunk I have been, have never made it all the way through, maybe a retirement project. Bloody critics.
  8. Miss Honeydripper If you buy a compilation (there are lots) make sure it has Fanfare for the common man (full version) and Pirates, because it sure as hell is not worth buying Works for anaything else. Otherwise Brain Salad Surgery, Tarkus or Trilogy..............in that order. The live one would be a good place to start as it contains all of Tarkus and Karn Evil 9 and some serious wigging out in Aquatarkus. ELP live
  9. Saw them on Heavy Horses and Stormwatch tours.......fantastic, Barriemore Barlow was amazing. Now here is my Jethro Tull story. Way back in the 80's before becoming a Scientist, I used to manage a large dairy farm in Buckinghamshire and agriculturally speaking Ian Anderson was our next door neighbour (Beacons Bottom, Radnage). We shared the same farm vet who once mentioned to IA that he had an antique dulcimer on which IA asked him if he could have a look at it. To cut a long story short he had it restored and used it on the Heavy Horses album. As a thank you he then presented the Vet with the first vinyl pressing of the HH album catalogue number 0001............nice! I once had to phone him and ask him to move his damn bullocks from our wheat................cant do that at the moment the chaps are far too busy.................bad farming etiquette, still he is a musical genious so forgave him and moved the damn things myself
  10. What he said, I thought it must have been overdubbed to hell until I got some of the bootleg series and realised they really were that good live.
  11. I'm afraid I am one of those (saw them on stormwatch tour), but have recently bought some of the later stuff, love the song Mountain men (cant remeber which album), just dont think they were (are) as consistant in the later years. But the Evan, Barlow, Palmer, Barre, Glascock et al band did display a certain amount of genius that I feel was never repeated.
  12. Gotta love that cover, 70's prog was great. Anyone remember Greenslade.
  13. It was in the film lock, stock and two smoking barrels, I was working in Reading at the time and I still have a northern accent so my mates started calling me it. Not applicable up here in the highlands though..........as being from Lancashire I would be a soft southern shandy drinking pansy...........which I'm not.
  14. Been a massive fan since 75, saw them in 78 (in the round) and 80 (Buggles)...........The Fish live is something to behold, you dont so much hear it as feel it in your guts. Hey Joel would have loved to catch them on the Relayer tour, some of the Boots are awesome. Guilty pleasure, I actually love Topographic Oceans, especially The Remembering...........in fact on my way home from work in an hour to listen to the whole damn thing including the demos on the Remastered version..............well thats my evening sorted unless someone (ideally female) comes up with a better option.
  15. Old (44) and immature and intend to carry on that way till I shuffle off this mortal coil, and when I do I want everyone to throw the biggest booze up ever known to mankind.
  16. A truely great man The relationship between Hillary and Tenzing was facinating. By the way they didnt find the camera on Mallory's body thats why there is still no proof that they summited in 1924. However the search for Andrw Irvine's body still continues. Edit: Sorry Klu see you have already posted this, which one of the books have you been reading.
  17. The wonderful Alison Moyet from 1991 Rock & roll unplugged Alison Moyet does LZ
  18. Interesting stuff, some real operators in the past and some genuine music fans.
  19. Starship Think the 3rd one down is in Allman Brothers logo
  20. Always got two on the go (see previous post), usually music and mountaineering books. First the music. Guy Pratt My Bass and other Animals. Very funny story of a session man, played for the latter day Pink Floyd among others, full of witty anecdotes. The story of the boozy plane flight with Jimmy Page is hilarious, here is the excerpt from his stand up show. Guy Pratt on Jimmy Page Mountaineering book Tenzing is my hero, he clawed his way up from yak herder to.........well......Tenzing A glorious life ultimately ruined (in my opinion) by a younger woman, alcohol and a feeling he never did enough for the sherpa people which is absolute rubbish vis-a-vis the Himalayen Mountaineering Institute in Darjeeling. At the end of his life him and Hillary became close friends and spent a lot of time just talking. The story of his funeral is amazing and very moving. A true hero and a great story about the loss of innocence. Tenzing (left) and Hillary 1953 just after their succesful summit. Little did they know that their whole lives would change forever after this. .......and finally Tenzing on the summit of Everest 1953.........iconic or what?
  21. Have been having a mid life crisis since I was 21 15 years old in mind, 44 in body Live in the highlands of Scotland Work as a Research Scientist Have a fantastic habit of putting my foot in it Addicted to coffee and cigarettes but do a lot of physical excercise Love camping in dangerous places in bad weather Have an ever stronger desire to buy a camper van, grow a dreadlock and become an old age traveller
  22. Couldnt agree more, brilliantly done both of them. Keep meaning to buy the updated Tommy version. I wonder if they will do Qudrophenia.
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