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  1. Hey Kiwi, thanks for the heads up, I will have to check that out! Would love to see them on stage.

  2. Hey, thanks for the heads up! Sounds cool. I will have to check tickets.. Cheers

  3. Hiya bud, long time since I saw you on the board.. Hope all is well in NC.

  4. Hiya buddy! How's it goin'? Thanks for adding me to your list of friends! Cherio!

  5. Hiya Kiwi! Thanks for the kind words! :-) I have been busy with work and stuff.. I usually have periods when I drop out of here for a while, but still checking from the shadows.. ;-) Will try to be more frequent! Happy holidays to you!!

  6. I want to go home and play records instead of work.

    1. Kiwi_Zep_Fan87


      I feel the same way too! I want to listen to records all day instead of preparing for my stupid mid-terms! :/ *Sigh!

    2. Swede


      LOL Yes, it's a bummer...

  7. LOL, yea, that "Fuck You" song has gone quite popular..

  8. Ok, I see. I am happy to hear you're safe and sound though! Those earthquakes are horrible..

  9. Rock'n'roll is on my mind all the time

    1. Kiwi_Zep_Fan87


      Yep! Its on my mind too throughout the day to be very precise! :) And as an old wise man once said : "God Bless Rock 'n' Roll!". :)

  10. Well, thank you! I am happy to hear you enjoy it. Old tune that I wrote many moons ago LOL

  11. What shall I listen to today??

  12. Yo Kiwi, hope you and yours are ok. I heard you guys had a large earthquake down there..

  13. Swede

    Hej Linn! Vad skoj att du hittat hit, det behövs fler Skandinaver här! ;)

  14. Hey KZF, thank you, you are welcome. I'm happy you like what you hear. :)


  15. Hi Deborah, thanks for the birthday wishes. I hope you have a fab day too! :)


  16. Hi Emma, thank you for the birthday wishes! :)

  17. Hi Kiwi, thank you for the birthday wishes! :) I'll be back in the "Other Bands" section eventually.. ;)

  18. Hiya Kiwi, you're too kind! Thank you! I love to read about music that I love. What I don't know I check out on the net or in books. :) I love the fact that one can find "new" music from the 50's and 60's that almost none have heard of.. Bands that just fell into oblivion and obscurity after their 15 min of fame. It's pretty amazing. :) I'm just happy mor...

  19. I ain't no quitter ;-) I'll be checking in, that's for sure. :)

  20. Thanks Kashmir330. By your posts I can see you've got great taste too! :) Cheers mate.

  21. Wow, I like your profile, SoK, great band!! :)

  22. Yes, the other guys in Glendoras were one lazy (but nice) bunch, I more or less wrote every song for that band. But I don't mind, I love writing songs LOL Playing in a 60's style garage band makes it easy too, as it's just about simple chord progressions and banal lyrics about bad girls, broken hearts or cocky me, myself and I stuff.. :D

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