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  1. Graveyard's second kickass album "Hisingen Blues"


    Like Rock N' Rollin' Man very very rightly pointed out, this album is indeed a monster! Well worth the wait! :wub:

    The sad thing is, the fact that I have it in the form of itunes downloads this time! :( My fuckin' local record store hasn't got the CD version yet! :angry: Those idiots said that it might take 3 to 4 months or even more!!! Hell!! I can't wait that long! :wall:

    Anyway, it was sure worth the NZ $ 18! Highly recommended for fans of the debut album and of course for the newbies, just getting into "Graveyard" B)

    Well, it's better to have it on itunes than no copy at all. ;) I have a vinyl copy coming in the mail soon, and I know I am a lucky bastard.

  2. There's plenty of good music out there if you're prepared to look for it. The difference now, as far as I can tell is that the charts aren't really a barometer any more (if they ever really were) for good music as a lot of that is driven by other media sources. Many acts that struggle to sell albums in any great quantity still do well on the live circuit, and here in the UK at least, the demand for live music shows little sign of abating. I still go to plenty of gigs and enjoy them as much as I did 30 years ago!

    Me too. The rest can live in their bubble and whine on internet forums how bad the music scene is now-a-days.

  3. I have to say I was a fan of FM rock, though I'm not sure exactly what you mean by that. When I think of the music I heard on FM rock n' roll stations in the 70s, it is the very foundation upon which my love of music is based. At the time I wasn't necessarily into the singer-songwriters but as the years have passed I have a much deeper appreciation for James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, CSN & Y, etc. I have an even greater respect for them after watching that new documentary about the Troubadour in Hollywood. In fact, many of my favorite performers are singer-songwriters whether they be Townes Van Zandt or Ryan Adams.

    I don't know but what I connect FM rock with is bands like Kansas, Survivor, Jerusalem, Nasareth etc etc.

    One of my fav genres is the singer/songwriter category, but that doesn't stop it from have loads of really bad artists, especially from the 70's as it was so popular back then. I wouldn't name any of the artists you mentioned as lame and boring.

  4. Seriously, although the 60's is my fav decade when it comes to music, there were shit coming out then too. Peter & Gordon, Herman's Hermits and We Five, not counting Vee, Vinton, Goldsboro, Darin and all those Bobby's who stuck like glue on the music top lists.

    The 70's had several real bad genres too, not only Disco, but also MOR, FM rock and the whole rock opera concept which was quite bad. Also a bunch of really slick, boring no-edge-at-all singer songwriters.

    To say music has gone downhill now-a-days is to embellish those days and suppress all the bad stuff that came out back then.

  5. But, of all the great songs and bands that are on this collection, HERE IS THE #1 REASON YOU SHOULD BUY/DOWNLOAD THIS COMPILATION-The Foggy Notions "Need A Little Lovin'"

    Well, that's just great...it's no longer on youtube. It was on the other day, but now it's been pulled due to copyright issues for some reason.

    Too bad, as it was my favourite discovery of the whole set. With a propulsive bassline and jangling, shimmering(almost shoegazey-like) guitar riffs and sweet vocal harmonies, this was a song the Stone Roses would have KILLED to have. And get this, the average age of the band was 16! Imagine being in high school and already having this song under your belt...man, talk about a trail of panties.

    Apparently, they only cut this one single...and since I can't post "Need A Little Lovin'", here's the flipside, "Take Me Back and Hold Me"...but it's nowhere near as good as "Need A Little Lovin'":

    Need A Little Lovin' is a long time fav of mine. Incredible tune. I've been trying to get a hold of the original 45 which was released on Ginny Records in '65, I believe. I have seen it on ebay a couple of times, but it has always sold for $400 or so, if the copy has been in nice shape. A bit too expensive in my opinion. But I have patience, I'll get a copy sooner or later.. I have it on a Pebbles LP comp, that will have to do for now.

  6. Well, I know for a fact that "The Beatles" are so not Garage Rock material :lol: but, on a side note, they were rather famous for that pretty cool "Birthday Song"! :P I know it was written by Paul McCartney and well, this live version is (IMO), even better than the studio version! ;)

    Yes folks! It's someone's birthday today and that "someone" is Swede! B) I am posting this pretty cool birthday song here! It's supposed to be a suprise! ;)

    Happy Birthday Swede! :birthday: Hope you enjoy this song (whenever you come online next) and hope it kinda brightens your day up a bit! ;) Cheers mate! :beer:

    lol Thank you Kiwi, that's very thoughtfull of you! Cheers! ;)

  7. The King Khan & BBQ Show (2002-2010) are one of my favorite bands and they have a style and obvious lo-fi sound that you can trace straight back to 60's garage rock. It also has some elements of punk and even doo-wop, with surreal undertones. They just broke up, but they left behind 3 great garage rock flavored LP's. They do have some salty language in a fair number of their songs. One of their bigger songs, "Tastebuds", may as well be a musical rendition of George Carlin's "7 Words You Can't Say on Television". But we're all adults, right? B)

    I have seen them live together with The Black Lips, another good band. They also performed together as The Almighty Defenders, which were excellent too! I don't have any of their albums though.

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