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  1. i always thought the middle solo by tony iommi in wicked world sounded a lot like pages dazed and confused middle solo.. where all can hear is the guitar
  2. you cannot assume that... saying that they're sloppy because jimi had to sing as well.. and jimmy just played the guitar.. no extra stress.
  3. i reckon hey hey what can i do.. love that song.. its subtle as well.. not a major riffing song but its nice to listen to its on coda btw
  4. honestly too many songs to put into 10.. but there are some default un-not-puttables.. my ten: 1. stairway 2. heartbreaker 3. the rover 4. dazed and confused 5. achilles 6. ocean 7. black dog 8. love the live version of bron y aur stomp 9. bring it on home 10. tangerine some acoustic songs are great.
  5. umm heartbreaker by far.. and bring it on home is great, best song to finish a concert i reckon
  6. heartbreaker certainly is one. also achilles, and i love rover.. pro as.
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