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  1. thanks for the compliment on my sig before the thread turned bad...

    much appriciated :)

  2. Yeah, following on from that. Okay, here I go. Tonight I did a number 2. A couple of really big ones. I eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of water, so I don't know. Anyhoo for some unknown reason, the damn things refuse to flush, despite several attempts to do so. So usually what I do is fill a 10L bucket with water, hold it high above my head and use the higher water pressure generated to clear the stubborn turd/s. It usually works first or second go. But tonight it was to no avail. And I was getting really frustrated. The only other option is to break it up with a stick or brush and that kind of grosses me out. My wife sees me all shitty, pardon the pun and asks, "what's the matter?" I tell her and she gives me a look of death that the grim reaper would be proud of. Then she says, "I'll try another shape of bucket". So she fills a wide diameter laundry bucket only about halfway, and holds it to waist level and pours all the water in quickly. And presto! Like magic, no more turds. I was happy. She says, "you need to eat more fibre", then she realised that the problem was that the turds were just too big and many, and she recants, "on second thought, you need to eat less fibre". Hahaha. What a wife I have! She not only puts up with my shit, she takes it away too!! Want another laugh, just in case that one repulsed you more than anything else? This is the funniest cat video I have ever seen. Turn you computer speakers right up for this one. Please be assured, the man in the video is only tickling this cat. Right at the very end, you hear it purr, so it is not distressed: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=ca8w_brYBy4
  3. What made my happy today? Well, after I finished my dinner, I sat down on the couch and had the tv on. I was flicking through channels, but I had it on mute, as I had the stereo playing-Iron Maiden, "The Number of the Beast" album. I had the music turned up loud, and then as I was flicking through the channels, ( I have pay tv), one of them was this Christian channel. And a large church band was playing. It was a crackup, this loud Iron Maiden blaring from my speakers, in sync with this church band playing, with electric guitars, drums etc. And all the people raising their hands, I imagined them saying, "We woship you Bruce". Hahaha. Yeah, simple pleasure.
  4. Kate Beckinsale: Yeah, I like Kate Beckinsale. Hehe.
  5. Well, today I returned my parents cat, "Moo" that I had been looking after for about 6 mths, since it was a kitten. Long story, but dad brought it home, mum freaked out, and it's taken about that long for her to get used to the idea of having a pet around the house. I was a bit saddened to take him back as I've gotten so attached to him. But I was happy today because he settled in really well, even curling up in my mums lap at night. I know he'll be well looked after and I can still see him regularly, so I was happy. Btw, I called him "Moo" because he looks like a little cow. Big ears, long dangly legs, white with big black rounded blotches all over him and long black tail.
  6. I look forward to meeting Clarie.

  7. Mrs Ledsabbath here! Thank you for chatting with ledsabbath while I was away, he really appreciated the company, even if it was an ocean away. xox Claire

  8. Great friend and great person, friends always.

  9. I just got Paul Rodgers first solo cd, anniversary edition, "Cut Loose". Fantastic album, I just had to put a thread up on it.
  10. They don't make them any nicer than Ledsabberh!!

  11. What are skinwalkers??? I've never heard of that.
  12. Yes, but I don't know if you're aware of another form of space/time travel. It was a hypothesis I learnt at uni. Again, not that I'm supporting aliens, but to be fair, to present an alternative to space/time travel. And I'll be stuffed if I can remember the name of it. But it goes like this. If you take a sheet of paper, travel can be represented by the distance from one side to another. The idea hypothesised was to distort space, akin to folding the paper in half. Then when the 2 sides are together,(ie, distorting the space/time plane) it is only a tiny distance from one side of the paper to the other. You pass through the other side, and then redistort the space time plane again, (unfold the sheet of paper flat again). And presto, you have travelled from one side of the paper to the other without having to travel a long distance. You also mentioned that you don't take the OT or Adam and Eve literally, but symbolically. And this is part of the problem of why I'm not really "religious". The thing is this: in the NT (that you said that you take seriously), both Jesus and the apostle Paul spoke of Adam and Eve literally. If you can discount Adam and Eve, then you can discount Jesus too. So my question becomes, "what parts of the Bible are literal and what parts are symbolic?"
  13. Well, I don't call myself religious, but I believe in God. Only because as I studied the human body in university, I can't ever accept that such complexity in the human body and all other species of plants and animals and the rest of the universe, came by chance. To me personally, God is the only entity that I don't need "proof" of to believe, as I said, because of that reason. For me, that reason is all the proof I need, and the evidence of that "proof" is the universe and everything in it. All others I cannot believe as I've never had any experience of it. I also find it at a bit ridiculous that alien spaceships can fly from other galaxies, and then crash in our planet. To me, it's a bit like a formula one racing car driver who can't drive around a shopping car park without getting hit. I don't believe in the Loch Ness monster, but do I believe in fire breathing dragons? No I don't, but the Bible I know in the book of Job alludes to a large creature that breathes fire. So what does anyone say to that? Because I don't have a clue. I'd love to hear some sort of explanation.
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