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  1. thanks for the compliment on my sig before the thread turned bad...

    much appriciated :)

  2. Yeah, I set my own rules. And they were broken straight away. What's your point? That's okay, I'll do likewise with other people's threads. Consider this one derailed and finished.
  3. Haha. That is funny that you should mention that. I learnt one very valuable lesson at my last hospital that I worked, and this is advice for anyone working at any decent size hospital: "Do not talk about someone to someone else". Why? Because you would not believe how many people are married/living with each other, or going out with each other. Eg, you might be a nurse and then say to another nurse how this particularly ward orderly is lazy and rude. Then as the nurse you're speaking to gives the look of death, you realise that she is married to that particular rude and lazy ward orderly. I nearly got caught out a few times, about to say something negative about someone else, then found out that the person whom I was about to speak to was going out or married to that person. You'd be amazed to find out that this doctor is married to that nurse, or some ward orderly is married to some other nurse, or the radiographer is married to a receptionist, etc. So yeah, don't ever speak about someone in a hospital unless you are 100% certain they are not involved with the person you're speaking to. Big mistake.
  4. First off, let me say that I'm really pissed off at the rudeness that has been displayed on this thread. People bickering, arguing, slandering, posting in response to other people bickering, slandering and arguing. I didn't create this thread for that reason, it's been totally derailed from the beginning and has only now just recently gotten back on track. I don't know why any mod didn't step in to stop it. Continuing back on track. I absolutely love that signature particularly. Very creative and cool looking, one of the best ones I've seen. That avatar also looks fantastic but as it's small, to me it looks cramped and fussy. I personally think that as avatars are a small pixel size, they look best with simple, large graphics, but that's just me.
  5. Hi everyone. I've just spent a bit of time re-doing my signature. Comment on what you like/dislike about the avatar and signature of each last poster, ie, the poster above your post. If you don't like something, please keep comments diplomatic so no one is offended. Don't just say, "ledsabbath, that picture of a person hi fiving a cat is pretty fucked up". Even if you think it is. Also, I'll make this rule: that you can post more than once. So that you can read the opinions of your avatar/signature from different posters. The only thing you can't do is comment on the same poster's avatar/signature more than once. So for eg, if there are 9 posts total in this thread, I can post again and comment on the 9th poster, making my post the 10th post. However, if say a poster called ABC posts on my avatar/signature, and if I post again later in the thread, then ABC can't post commenting on my own avatar/signature for a second time. ABC can post again but he has to comment on someone elses. Also, I notice that some posters around here have no avatar and signature. That's okay, you can still post and comment on the poster above you. It just means that the next poster will comment not on you, but on the last poster that has at least an avatar or signature. This way no one is excluded from posting and commenting on someone else. For eg, this post of mine is the first post. Let's say the next poster is ABC and he/she has no avatar and no signature. He/she can post and comment on mine. The next poster then comments not on ABC, as there is nothing to comment on, but mine. Clear as mud? Go.
  6. Hahahaha. Yeah, I was wondering about that too.
  7. Haha. This is what you would look like if you did start wearing the cute nurses outfit: Go on. You know you want to.
  8. Yeah, following on from that. Okay, here I go. Tonight I did a number 2. A couple of really big ones. I eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of water, so I don't know. Anyhoo for some unknown reason, the damn things refuse to flush, despite several attempts to do so. So usually what I do is fill a 10L bucket with water, hold it high above my head and use the higher water pressure generated to clear the stubborn turd/s. It usually works first or second go. But tonight it was to no avail. And I was getting really frustrated. The only other option is to break it up with a stick or brush and that kind of grosses me out. My wife sees me all shitty, pardon the pun and asks, "what's the matter?" I tell her and she gives me a look of death that the grim reaper would be proud of. Then she says, "I'll try another shape of bucket". So she fills a wide diameter laundry bucket only about halfway, and holds it to waist level and pours all the water in quickly. And presto! Like magic, no more turds. I was happy. She says, "you need to eat more fibre", then she realised that the problem was that the turds were just too big and many, and she recants, "on second thought, you need to eat less fibre". Hahaha. What a wife I have! She not only puts up with my shit, she takes it away too!! Want another laugh, just in case that one repulsed you more than anything else? This is the funniest cat video I have ever seen. Turn you computer speakers right up for this one. Please be assured, the man in the video is only tickling this cat. Right at the very end, you hear it purr, so it is not distressed: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=ca8w_brYBy4
  9. The whole thing is one big fucking scam, where the governments and big oil companies are winners, and the rest of us are the big losers. Everytime there is some international event, it seems that oil prices go up. Every war, every military coup, some natural disaster here, some recession there, someone farted loudly in France, someone barfed in Romania etc. Many many years ago here in Australia, I clearly remember before the very first gulf war, that petrol was about 50c a litre. Then came the war and it quickly shot up to about 70-80c a litre. And it never went down. And this is what pisses me off, 2 things. Firstly, whenever fuel prices go up, well here in Australia, they never go back down again. Secondly, and this really pisses me off, that fuel prices bear no resemblance to world oil prices. How the hell does that work? After the first gulf war, world oil prices to well below a 20 year low. And yet that 20c a litre increase remained, despite the record low world oil crude price. And that always seems to be happening. World oil prices are dramatically fluctuating and yet fuel prices remain constant-on the increase. Governments and oil companies are needlessy profiteering. When the fuel goes up say 10c a litre, there is no incentive to bring it down again. The whole thing is a disgrace. I think electric vehicles are the way of the future, but of course, car companies hate that. Very few parts and service in an electric motor. The whole thing is corrupt from beginning to end.
  10. I like this. Just a simple video featuring still shots of Iommi and Page, and some of their cool guitar licks. Comparison of styles between both players. Enjoy: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=2mw2krJ_yqY
  11. Yeah, but is your wife a nurse? Well, mine is. And I tell you, I thought having a nurse for a wife was going to be the best. I thought when I was sick, my wife would dress up in a sexy hot nurse uniform with open blouse, white stockings, that cute little hat with the big red cross etc. And come up to me and say "there there", patting my forehead, offering me words of comfort and reassurance. You know. Something like this: The ironic thing is that my wife would actually look quite like this if she did dress up in a sexy nurse outfit. Ha!!! One time I was sick, I was freezing cold, all rugged up in bed. My wife the prison matron takes my temperature and tells me "you have a fever". And so the logical thing to do when you are freezing in bed is to strip all the covers off, to "cool me down". I had to fight tooth and nail not to have a cold shower. I'd be better off being looked after by nuns with big rulers.
  12. She showed me this video, something "especially for me" as she put it. All because I went into the emergency department one night as my big toe was really hurting. http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=z36NMeJISLo
  13. What made my happy today? Well, after I finished my dinner, I sat down on the couch and had the tv on. I was flicking through channels, but I had it on mute, as I had the stereo playing-Iron Maiden, "The Number of the Beast" album. I had the music turned up loud, and then as I was flicking through the channels, ( I have pay tv), one of them was this Christian channel. And a large church band was playing. It was a crackup, this loud Iron Maiden blaring from my speakers, in sync with this church band playing, with electric guitars, drums etc. And all the people raising their hands, I imagined them saying, "We woship you Bruce". Hahaha. Yeah, simple pleasure.
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