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  1. Was interesting Dave Grohl played drums on Rock & Roll and Taylor sang then they swapped for Ramble. I am uploading a bit of it to Youtube but we were right at the back of the stadium so not brill! Another couple here http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1...qzDDA&hl=en http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=56...fHBDA&hl=en Hopefully mine should be there soon if not keep trying! Cheers Warby
  2. Uploaded the first vid from Wembley Will add others when they are done. Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Also fixed photo link! http://www.team-skinny-racing.com Cheers Warby
  3. Was a really great night, beat my expectations by a long way. Top marks to Robert for letting all the band shine and Alison's voice was fantastic. I have posted some pics here http://www.team-skinny-racing.com also have some vid clips but need to make them YouTubeable size so will post later. Cheers Warby
  4. Yeah, he looks great in my opinion the most under-rated musician around, the guy is just so talented and pops up all over the place, seems pretty happy with his lot! Hope to get to see again in the not to distant future Cheers Warby
  5. I have been luck to see many great bands at The RAH and loved Robert's gig there. REM just lacked a sparkle and did not seem to connect to the audience. I have seen them a few times before and they have been excellent. The Hyde Park gig was fantastic and over 28 songs! May be they are just a bit rusty. Couple of the new songs did sound good though. Video should be there now. Cheers Warby
  6. Yeah, Peter did join them looking a little star struck. Peter also commented during the REM set that he was arguing back stage with JPJ about what year Led Zep played there, JPJ said it was 1970 but Peter said it was 1969 as he had the Bootleg! Anyone confirm who is right. Trying to upload vid clip to YouTube but it keeps timing out, will let you know if it ever gets there! I though REM were good but not great, it was a pretty short set and the sound was no brilliant where we were, but still pretty good. Cheers Warby
  7. Posted in Photo's http://forums.ledzeppelin.com//index.php?showtopic=5005 Cheers Warby
  8. Went to see REM at the RAH last night and who was there but JPJ with Robyn Hitchcock. Posted some photos at http://www.team-skinny-racing.com Also have a vid clip which I will YouTube and post link. Cheers Warby
  9. MY clips are available to anyone putting a a dvd of the night together. I am sure you have seen the Youtube versions, let me know. Warby (Warbie on Youtube )
  10. I read a recent interview with Mike Rutherford and he said there are still plans to do "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" - When Peter is a little less busy! With 5 shows in the States and 5 in Europe. Now that I would like to see. Cheers Warby
  11. I am a Big Gabriel fan go into him around '77 about the same time I found Zep. I love the way he keeps us updated and his live shows are always fantastic. Got to meet him in Edinburgh about '79 or '80, he was happy to chat and he even let us sneak in through the stage door as we did not have tickets for the gig! So top bloke. Cheers Warby
  12. Peter talks about the show on his latest Full Moon CLub vid here, stuff about Zep is about half-way http://www.petergabriel.com/video/detail/Pdz9xqwozG_Cg7I./ Nice comment about Jason Cheers Warby
  13. Nice work, if you are planning a multi-angle DVD let me know I am sure I can let you have my material, 640 X 480 @ 30fps. Merry Xmas and Cheers Warby (Warbie on youtube)
  14. Cheers mate, I go to quite a few gigs and have become a fan of side stage, must be my age! But I do like to see the band interaction, oh and a bit of the techie stuff going on. Warby. PS. And usually not a bad sound...but don't tell everyone
  15. Warby -- YOU ROCK MAN ! ! !

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