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  1. Hey! I'm Russian too! я тоже рада тут наших увидеть!
  2. I'm curious - how do you know such details about the billiard table?
  3. I guess in the end it's always about strategical decisions and money...
  4. They have a point too. If you were in their position, wouldn't you wanna nuclear bombs to balance America? They are as afraid of what you are going to do to them as you are afraid of them using those bombs. To be honest, arms selling always concerns me, whether it's Russia selling or whoever else...I can ask you the same question now - why was America selling arms to Georgia knowing that there is an ongoing conflict in that region and those arms would be used some day?
  5. Sorry, I probably should have made time limits... Post-Soviet era, I would say. We have very good trading relations including military arsenal and if I'm not wrong Russia has been helping in contruction of the nuclear reactor. Moreover, we share the same interest in limiting the control of the USA in Central Asia. Yes, we have our misunderstandings, but in general I believe our relations are good now.
  6. Good speech. World's only problem today is that we don't learn form our own mistakes. Peace to all of you
  7. I think sometimes you create these problems/enemies yourself.... Russia and Iran have traditionally had good relations.
  8. Thank you for understanding
  9. Can I just correct you here a little bit. It was the Georgian troops who started shooting at the Russian peacekeepers for unknown reasons. The same night Churkin (Russian ambassador for the UN) called for an emergency meeting in the UN asking for help from the organisation. Yet there was silence and no one was prepared to pass any kind of resolution. Why is this fact being disregarded?
  10. The point about media is that we have access to alternative news right now regarding the war in Ossetia. You are being stubborn because you claim that all we say here is a lie and should be disregarded as a result of our biased press. We are people too and have our own opinions just like you do and our press has nothing to do with it. And your press is showing you who...? - yes, that is right - extremely anti-Russia Condoleezza Rice and President Bush. It's not like news reporters form their views out of nowhere...
  11. Yet Obama said if he gets elected he'll be prepared to bomb Iran if there is any threat to world security. Yes, indeed, we all should try to make this world more peaceful... And for the record - they have found US made weapons in Georgia left by the Georgian army when they ran.
  12. Sorry, my bad. I listened to their interview in Russian again and i confused the 30-minutes thing. They said they had to wait almost all 30 minutes and thought they wouldnt allow them to speak at all. There is some good stuff that they say in this interview. http://kp.ru/daily/24148/365444/ If you have any means of translating it, it might be useful
  13. So you'd rather believe your government to tell you who the aggressor is than to listen to people who have actually been there. And somebody here has already provided a link with an AMERICAN man telling the truth. Suit yourself, but I don't see the point of this thread if you don't listen to anyone else other than yourself and are being stubborn about every single piece of information that a Russian person gives you.
  14. I was just joking about coming and getting you. Not yet) As far as this war in Iraq goes - if I remember correctly America couldn't get a resolution that would allow your army to go and kill the army of Hussein. There are NATO troops who are supposed to deal with these issues. Why do all of these countries still donate money to NATO and train soldiers up to very high standards? What's the purpose of NATO then? Why not dissolve it? Soviet Union is out of your way now anyway. And I won't even start on the issue of weapons of mass destruction as the primary reason for this war. About news chann
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