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  1. this looks awesome! i can't wait to see it.
  2. i thought for sure Black Sabbath would be number 1. I was surprised GNR beat them AND Zeppelin. Anyone have the complete list, top 10 at least?
  3. YES! i'd happily pay for these instead of regular studio re-releases.
  4. I agree about the hair. It looks so good on him!
  5. Can't say I'm not disappointed by the news. At least I'll save me some money, lol.
  6. TheBloodyXXX

    GQ Awards

    yeah i want to know too.... great pics! good to see all three together again.
  7. They haven't shown it live yet but from the online clips it sounds alright. I just can't get over the whole LL/JP pairing, heh.
  8. At the moment it has to be The Dark Knight. I really need to see it in IMAX!
  9. haha, seriously. i am tempted to get this DVD though.
  10. the fact that i'm going to see The Dark Knight on saturday! excited doesn't even being to cover it.
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