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  1. I agree about the hair. It looks so good on him!
  2. At the moment it has to be The Dark Knight. I really need to see it in IMAX!
  3. the fact that i'm going to see The Dark Knight on saturday! excited doesn't even being to cover it.
  4. ahaha, that was the first thing I noticed! nice pic though. jimmy looks great!
  5. Oh that's a great pic! Is it from the issue with Led Zep on the cover? Are there anymore new pics from the issue?
  6. oh to be that photographer.....
  7. It's not a fave song of mine. I don't hate it just don't really care for it.
  8. Love the pics with Jimmy in the hat!
  9. Just purchased tickets to a NIN show. I'm so excited to see them! August 16th here I come!
  10. trying out the black and white effect on my sisters camera. just resized and lightened them up a bit on photoshop.
  11. Heh for some reason I really love this one.
  12. Hello and welcome. I love all the pics but that last one.....love his smile!
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