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  1. Ah, a fellow resident from Perth! Hello there! Yeah the weather hasn't been overly pleasant over here lately, i'm not a big one for humidity... You should look to the internet if you're in search of bootlegs, some other really good ones to consider are ones such as Seattle and Vancouver '75 and anything from late March in 1973 My Top 5 would be: Orlanda 31/8/1971 Osaka 29/9/1971 Anything from 1969, those Filmore shows are incredible. MSG 19/9/1970 BOTH SHOWS! Vancouver 19/3/1975 Plant is in a rather funny mood.
  2. i remember getting an audio boot of the 24th a while back with the exact same tracklist as that, it used the same audio as the Empress Valley "Demand Unprecedented In The History Of Rock Music" which was a mix of the soundboard an audio tape to fill the gaps. However this could be completely unrelated, i only draw parallels because of the identical tracklist and that the front cover was also the same.
  3. Train Kept A Rollin, Money and other songs won't be included for the same reason that songs such as Louie Louie and Long Tall Sally were not included on official releases, that is why at times bootlegs are the only place to turn to see Zep in fullness.
  4. I think the fact that they are unauthorised or unlicensed by the band and its management make them legal to posess, though i could be wrong (and probably am). The internet is a new means of bootleg distribution that is what the world has been waiting for, with the internet instead of buying crappy copies off people who are ripping us off we are getting even better generation (even masters in alot of cases), and higher quality due to fan re-mixing, its really a win-win, and because nobody makes a cent out of it, i dont see why anybody has a problem with it (not referring to the theft from Ji
  5. This post finally drove me to register for the forums, which i should have done a loooong time ago. (I've been snooping around the Led-zeppelin site since mid 2006) I'm 15 and i started listening to them when i was 13 when i heard a live performance of Heartbreaker on the radio, I was completely shocked and my life changed after that. I also started playing the guitar after hearing Page's incredible work. Although we never got to see them in concert in their heyday maybe one day soon we will see them again for a last time, but who really knows? I'm really liking the input from the adult
  6. I am loving the South Hampton version, but my favourite has always been from the Orlando Civic Auditorium, 31/8/1971, which has the same BBC Sessions feel, and is run at a slower tempo, or it seems like it anyway, i also absolutely love the guitar solo, though im yet to hear a thank you solo that disappoints.
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