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  1. Humm... Don't know, I don't have too much faith in our portuguese team! We probably wont go so far... And I was talking about my team, S.L.Benfica!!! SLB vs. Wholverhampton would be interesting! Hope Robert forgives me! Benfica would have to win! And speaking of soccer... Who wouldnt like to see this soccer game?
  2. Yeah, I know about that! Thanks!! It happens that this summer I've become addicted to soccer The picture excited me! So I wanted to know exactly what was it about! Goodness, I just hope that the Wolves will never play against my team! I wouldnt know who to support! I love Robert, but I think I would have to support my team!
  3. Great pics everyone!!! thanks!! and that one in a soccer field? What's the occasion?
  4. Xutos e Pontapés!!! The biggest portuguese rock band! They Rock!!! I loved the concert!! And the guitarrist's favorite band is... LED ZEPPELIN!! oh, yeah!!!
  5. is rocking when ought to be rolling!

  6. Yeah, that's true. He has never confirmed anything. And I think that making his life, and his family life private, makes of him a wonderful man! And how about some photos of this so wonderful man??
  7. Yeah, exactly... And they broke up after Jesse was born. It might be a little wierd to think that Jesse is Logan and Carmen's brother AND cousin... But the same thing happens with my dad... my grandfather married two sisters and had children with them... Married first with one, had some children, and when she died, married with the other, my grandma, and had more kids, my father, among them. Maureen didnt died, but it's the same situation with Robert, I guess. Happened to fall in love with both sisters!
  8. wow so many picutres!!!! and they are all so damn wonderful!!! I wish I could see them bigger...
  9. George Michael said in an interview, called I'm Your Man, about 3 years ago, that Led Zeppelin are is fav rock band, cause "they sound like people who know how to have sex"
  10. I think that that on his back, is hair. I read about it on a book - Let’s Spend the Night Together By Pamela Des Barres I'll quote it: "Michele: Ahhh, I remember he had these gorgeous golden curls at the back of his neck, this perfect row of ringlets, and he had hair on the small of his back. (...)"
  11. What birth mark? Is that a mark? Isnt it just a bit of hair?
  12. Hi Martha?? How are you??? Why have you been gone for so long? I miss you ^^

  13. I've always loved to see him with glasses Looks so sweet!
  14. Oh my!... I love when he does that Nice pics!
  15. I see many good sugestions here... But, there must be some name that Robert might have called to the audience while on stage... Does anyone knows?
  16. Humm...ok, thanks for the help!
  17. ok! And how can we know what pics are personal and that can be posted or not? I dont wanna post pics that are againts the rules!
  18. hahaah nice question! I've thought about that! The Killer's fans are named The Victims! I think it's damn funny! Maybe we could think of something in the same way to Led Zeppelin...
  19. I also think he looks much better now, and I believe that is the beard that makes the difference. But those photos are melting me! It's so adorable! Coda.S, yes, it's reported to be Shirlie
  20. Hi! Great photos! Robert is lovely! Same here...Finished most of my school exams today! So, I'll post the photos I told you about. They're from some books. WOW
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