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  1. In a nut shell, I lost everything moved to Nevada two years ago was out of work and homeless. Getting it back together working now in Sacramento during the week and back home in Reno on weekends. All I have is a phone to surf internet. I had tons of shows, I was hoping there might be someone close by that might be able to help me out? I will take care of you, thanks Frank
  2. Don't forget Leadbellys Borrow Love And Go which sounds just like Bottle.
  3. I have no bootlegs!........(sad)

  4. Luis Rey never attended a Led-Zeppelin concert and he was old enough to. but I can't seem to find a better person when it comes to reviewing a Zeppelin show.
  5. I think you did a really good job. you just gave me a new way of looking at this. Thanks
  6. you would be interested in Keith Shadwick's book then. great book and great read with great photos. one of the best, if not the best Zeppelin books without all the garbage!
  7. and he also wears that spider web shirt in SRTS I think we are on to something!
  8. I agree! I listened to Live In japan for about five years before I heard more the two of their songs from the studio. I still to this day enjoy DP live stuff over their studio. infact the same situation can be said about Zeppelin for me.
  9. I seen this one the other day and I still can't stop laughing
  10. didn't they play 6 shows at MSG you can look around and find plenty of 77 bashing on this site.
  11. Plant was a huge fan of Steve Marriot and the Small Faces. before Zeppelin he was known to be found hanging around the band like a groupie. Steve Marriot and Ronnie Lane also claimed song writing credits for "You Need Loving" so they are just as guilty! I know Dixon sued Zeppelin first but he was just as angry at Merriot and lane as well. not to sure if he ever got around to sueing the Faces though.
  12. Yea, my Brother and I know that movie word for word i'm telling ya! Marrianna:"it was always you stacey" Stacey Bridges:"oh yea, I can see it all now, you lying up in Morg Allen's bed....just a cry'n and 'a humpin!" Mordecai: "HOT DAMN! I'm the sheriff and the mayor"....alright everyone grab a brush, start in"...oh boy free beer! do I get a beer?" Sheriff Sam Shaw:"this is a god fear'n town and these is god fear'n people"...."you wouldn't be wanting that slice of pie would ya?" John the bootmaker:'ok so drop the 4 and carry the nine and that comes to?" Sheriff Sam shaw "ah, there's no
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