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  1. I have no bootlegs!........(sad)

  2. Yea, my Brother and I know that movie word for word i'm telling ya! Marrianna:"it was always you stacey" Stacey Bridges:"oh yea, I can see it all now, you lying up in Morg Allen's bed....just a cry'n and 'a humpin!" Mordecai: "HOT DAMN! I'm the sheriff and the mayor"....alright everyone grab a brush, start in"...oh boy free beer! do I get a beer?" Sheriff Sam Shaw:"this is a god fear'n town and these is god fear'n people"...."you wouldn't be wanting that slice of pie would ya?" John the bootmaker:'ok so drop the 4 and carry the nine and that comes to?" Sheriff Sam shaw "ah, there's no charge!" Luti.."lets see, one round of whisky for the house plus the smoke. that comes to about eight dollars and fifty cents" Sheriff Sam Shaw..."ah there's no charge!" luti..."huh?" Sheriff sam shaw.." Luti you voted on it!..you was at the meetin, anything this man wants in this town he's to get!" Luti.."I didn't know that ment free whisky?" Sheriff Sam Shaw.."well now, everybody's gotta put a little something in the kitty!" LMFAO! I could go on for days some other favorites from the man were: Every Which Way But Loose and Any Which Way You Can. and all the Dirty Harry's. Unforgiven The Outlaw Of Josey Wales Pale rider Good The Bad and The Ugly Heartbreak Ridge
  3. I could never have a favorite movie since there are so many.. here a five movies I think have had the most influence on me over the last 15 years or so: Forrest Gump I am Sam Shawshank Redemption The Departed Man On fire this is just off the top of my head though. I am sure later on in the day I will think of a few more.
  4. hahahaha....here's my favorite line from that movie:::"I put my pecker in his hand, he didn't know wheather to hold it, jump on it, run off on down the street with it......the funniest thing I ever saw!" I mock Clint Eastwood movie lines more then any ..especially High Plains Drifter
  5. You know what, I have been a die hard Black Sabbath fan (with Ozzy only) for as long as I can remember..and just last year I gave 'Heaven and Hell' a few listening and I liked it. it's not that I don't like Dio because I think he rocks! he was awsome with Rainbow. it's just a sentimental thing I guess. also I love you sig picture thingy...I just seen 'The Dark Night' at the movies a few hours ago and loved it...Heath Ledger was amazing!
  6. They only played it 11 times in 77 (according to the tapes) but it seemed starting the third leg it had became a main stay...
  7. good pick I always looked at the 6/21/77 version to be a sister to the 3/19/75 one. the solos are pretty much the same. I do like the one from the 21st better though. but those two are my all time favorites
  8. I've always thought that they were the same. just one bieng female and the other male.
  9. I've been down in the Lake Of The Ozarks in southern MO for the last 6 weeks and I can't believe how three dimensional the moon looked two weeks ago. even the guy next us who was a astrologer before he retired said that he has never seen the moon so vivid and up close with just the naked eye. talk about a moment.
  10. But were they wearing them at the time Mr. lunacy?.............
  11. last two books were "Running With Scissors" and "Fools Die" (almost finished) two of the best books I have read in a good spell....
  12. The second source with "Heartbreaker and That's The Way" are really not to recent. they have been around in circulation for a good 20 years.... Louis Rey talks about them in his book.
  13. I thought this was cute (for the ladies here) http://cgi.ebay.com/LED-ZEPPELIN-Purse-JIM...1QQcmdZViewItem
  14. He does get some dates and songs mixed up. but what can you expect from someone who was attending the show, but to busy to really 'attend'.... It's his story, he was with the band from the first US tour, all the way until he got busted in Italy and had to miss the 80 European tour... I do take alott of what he say's to heart. (it can't all be lies) he did truely love Bonzo. and his stories about him still have me laughing to this day.
  15. I was reading that Jason would tighten his bass pedal real tight when he would practice, while trying to gain his Fathers right foot....(which is a good idea) gotta tip your cap to him for making such a great effort for the cause.
  16. The date is wrong as well... it's from the 27th of April. not November. They stoped playing ALAIHY after the second US tour. six months before November.
  17. I am 37 to .....I need to ask you this. when I was 16 HOTG had just came out, and I got it for Christmas. (it was the hard cover) I read it about 4 times....now a few years back I bought the paperback (the new eddition) and they seemed to be two different books!...I wish I had kept my book from 86 because I would like to compare just to see if I am not crazy!......lol was this book re-written?....it sure seemed like it.
  18. sorry I left you hanging there I had to go back over to RO to see who made the thread. so I could credit him. did you ever wonder what that tapping sound is?.....it sounds so cool.
  19. All my years listening/reading and posting on Zeppelin sites I have never seen this question asked. and this is a question that I wish someone could answer.... here is the link sorry link wont work so I will ask it here:Thanks to Slime over at RO for asking this..... while listening to Denmark Radio 69 (it's on the DVD) anyway at the end of HMMT durring the huh-huh-isn't it nice sugar and spice part, you can hear a strange rhythmic tapping sound at (29.44 of the show)....who was doing that? i have benn watching this video for 17 years now and I still cant figure it out.
  20. Plant said that he was very shy in the begining and sat between bonzo and jonsey...but as he started singing his stool would creap up a little more every note until he was ready to jump out of his stool and jam! thank god he didnt do the latter.......
  21. Plant always changed up a blues number. I am by no way insulting you intelligencs (you are my favorite poster here) the Vancouver shows answers all questions.... in the record he starts with oh my jesus and then it turns into oh georgina... I am 37 and when we were younger we used to mess around with the records (with the backward messaging thing going).I almost dropped dead when I played that part backwards
  22. you know it wasn't until about 5 years ago that I heard the original Fresh Garbage from Spirit...

    pretty catchy tune isn't it.....

  23. after getting a great night's sleep. I have to agree with...."in accociation with".
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