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  1. Deborah, every time that photo is uploaded to Photobucket it is quickly deleted, as I know from experience! Thanks, Steve, for the Raffaelli article, fascinating back ground there on his iconic photos of the band, not least the infamous 'dream' shot. It was definitely posted here, probably on one of the photos threads, a while back.
  2. cerisaye

    A big project?

    But it is going to be a work of art! Genesis Publications Better start saving the pennies, eh?
  3. Another addition to the undone zip collection!
  4. Well, there might be something in this story from the Independent newspaper Preparation for Elvis's 75th birthday, which I posted yesterday in another thread.
  5. If Ross was just talking about the UK cinema release with his comments and Elvis photo I will be very disappointed even though I am delighted to get a chance, finally, to see the film on a big screen. Still hopeful we will see Mr Page doing something with his guitar other than pose for pictures (no matter how amazing he looks doing so).
  6. I wonder if THIS has anything to do with Ross' cryptic comments about January and that Elvis photo?
  7. If you scroll down the page, I think you will find details of the documentary film you're looking for, with a trailer Dazed and Confused
  8. Yes, just like Rob had been rummaging in Jimmy's wardrobe. The neck is just the same, only the sweat is missing...
  9. Is this not Rob, guitarist from Aussie metal group Vampora, who looks uncannily like Jimmy in the photo, even the fingers?
  10. I love how the spotight catches the white suit in the otherwise darkness and makes Jimmy look spectral. and, yes, the contrast with his hair. I watch the Seattle '77 dvd over and over. Though I have a real fondness for the pink crushed velvet trousers, and Dandy Yardie Jimmy too...
  11. Is this the photo you mean (1973)? Looks like he hasn't slept in days. He does get more chirpy looking in these shots obviously taken at the same time (an interview?)
  12. WOW. Hands again...and I love the glint in his hair that matches the t-shirt.
  13. Yes, he does, though usually I'm distracted by other parts of him.
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