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  1. Deborah, every time that photo is uploaded to Photobucket it is quickly deleted, as I know from experience! Thanks, Steve, for the Raffaelli article, fascinating back ground there on his iconic photos of the band, not least the infamous 'dream' shot. It was definitely posted here, probably on one of the photos threads, a while back.
  2. I wonder if THIS has anything to do with Ross' cryptic comments about January and that Elvis photo?
  3. If you scroll down the page, I think you will find details of the documentary film you're looking for, with a trailer Dazed and Confused
  4. Yes, just like Rob had been rummaging in Jimmy's wardrobe. The neck is just the same, only the sweat is missing...
  5. Is this not Rob, guitarist from Aussie metal group Vampora, who looks uncannily like Jimmy in the photo, even the fingers?
  6. WOW. Hands again...and I love the glint in his hair that matches the t-shirt.
  7. Yes, he does, though usually I'm distracted by other parts of him.
  8. I LOVE this photo...Robert as introspective Adonis. I like the hands. It's like a Renaissance painting.
  9. They make a hot couple for sure!
  10. Wow. That was stunnng... Robert is the most beautiful man I've ever seen. I LOVE the fantasy sequence from TSRTS. Thanks for the link, Roxie.
  11. Tee hee. You've got it exactly right! I reckon This is the best photo thread...they're beautiful solo but together they're just magic.
  12. Oh I've visited both of those. Every part of Robert's anatomy deserves worship attention! But I love his smile best...and his jeans cus I have NO shame. (well he doesn't either)
  13. Oooooooooooooh, Robert, or should I say OUCH!!!!!!!!, Chell?! Wow. Those are amazing. Words are inadequate. *stares some more* I think I need to go lie down now. Thanks.
  14. Awwwwwwwww. Thanks! I think I will (stick around)- where else can I get my fix of Robert?! You seem a great bunch of people.
  15. Well Robert is only 8 years older than me but I think it's amazing he has so many younger fans- guess it goes to show true beauty-external and in his soul-is appreciated at any age in life. As for the flower pics, WOW, I'd love to see those too! Not weird, no, HOT. Thanks for the welcome BTW. I feel at home here already- might be to do with having spent days going through the photo threads for Robert & Jimmy. Thanks for all the yummy goodness!
  16. I think this pic of Jimmy (and some other bloke) is rather hot. I'm new here, well to posting anyway, and very glad to find you all, similarly obsessed with these beautiful and amazingly talented guys. Thanks for all the yummy goodness.
  17. Me too. Oh, Hi. De-lurking here to say a great big thank you to everyone for posting all these hot pics of Robert through-the-years. I joined recently and have been giddy ever since. Longstanding Led Zep fan from way back in the early 70s but only just realised I could join an online community to share my interest...no, that's not strong enough, it's an obsession. No one in my real life understands, so it's wonderful to find you all!
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