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  1. pretty sure thats what your on about. Kind of like a washboard sound, thats the best way i can describe it other than chicka chicka lol.
  2. i think you may be hearing Jimmys acoustic, Bonzo is playing another complex beat but aswell as the electric guitar and bass, theres an acoustic in the mix doing alot of strumming and then deadened strumming. kind of like "chicka chicka chicka chicka chicka" it works really really well, and you can only hear it mainly at that least section of the song
  3. by the way i havent heard these audio recordings tht have been mentioned of bonzo jamming etc, wouldnt mind hearing em, ive heard the drum tracks to sick again and wearing and tearng that have done the rounds,, wudnt mind a listen to these others
  4. YES YES AND YES!!! If you listen to this at volume, its seems impossible hwat hes doin, my mate whos a drummer just laughs at the possibility of himself doin it, as theres alsorts going off at once, like the hindu god ginesh has been given some sticks. Theres snare, toms, cymbals alsorts, just fookin crazy!
  5. I watched that too, he did say Jimmy and Robert said it had never been played, but in fairness, given the no. of gigs over 11 years you can forgive them for forgetting. I know they played it on the blueberry hill bootleg. Was at this point to were i started to think that a Zep reunion was iminent due to Jason being around Jimmy and Robert. Was really cool though when they did OOTT, and the emotion from Jason especially at the end doin his big finish, and his big HELL YEAH at the end, was such a fitting tribute to Bonzo, was very nice to watch, cant remember which other member said too that
  6. yeah just sitting waiting for them to go fully into it! be mint that!
  7. Ive heard a boot of one of the page and plant gigs and they did the slower bit from carouselambra in in the middle of in the evening. bass line is one of my fave zeppelin ones.
  8. im not fussed about saying it. But i prefer the funkier version. Just got so much of a better groove to it, and like ste said, do get bored of hearing WLL, if every zeppelins on MTV2 or any program its almost certainly gonna be WLL. i was hoping they'd do it at the O2 but hey ho
  9. badgeholders simply for the banter before trampled underfoot! "im not a badgeholder.. what are you doing"
  10. arrrg ste ive joined too.. love how that guy said relatively new zep fan rofl!! They did the better version of WLL at Copenhagen, July 24 1979. I know coz you gave me the boot of it. Sure they did it a couple of times during the germany gigs during 1980
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