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  1. It could be that Plant said that but his first solo album is not too mellow, even has a few pretty heavy rockers.
  2. Interesting thought about them going into a longer hiatus after Karac's death. In hindsight, it surely was the move they should have made. But it was a relatively turbulent time for Classic Rock bands around 1980. They were already being labelled a Dinosaur and to further retreat from the public may have been considered a career suicide. There would have been a new generation of "competition" with the Metal bands and Hair bands gaining in popularity. Could they have survived and thrived in this new environment. Not sure if the 1980 version as we know it could have. If indeed they could have so
  3. Haven't read through everything, besides some concerts or new live recordings, how about some video's detailing the making of some/all of their albums. Similar to the "Classic Albums" series that have run on TV before. It would be great to hear and see Jimmy behind the mixing board talking about all the different tracks that go into the making of the songs. Just imagine him breaking down the tracks of TYG or ALS.
  4. I'm pretty sure it was Rock and Roll From TSRTS, actually remember watching it. It's hard to imagine the biggest band in the world never appearing live on TV.
  5. Any decent fan of Jimmy has to be frustrated. I look at friends who love Rush, Who, Springsteen, McCartney, Stones etc and I'm totally jealous. They get to see their "bands" play quite often. Say what you want about the bands getting old and all that, but at least the fans are given the opportunity to see these bands. You can choose not to go if you don't want to see them play a sub peak level. As fans of Jimmy/Zeppelin we get the opportunity to get excited about listening to Zep II for the millionth time.
  6. Yes, one show with JPJ in the last 30 years, is a great way to honor the fans faithful support. I just don't think it needs to be so black and white, there could have been room for the occasional show/tour while maintaining his solo career (i.e. Phil Collins).
  7. I wonder if Robert would be willing to do these two shows if he didn't have to spend the next five years defending his position about not participating in a full zeppelin revival. But you would think that a Press Conference where he could tell the world that he's just doing these two shows and then going back to his solo career would put a stop to all the rumors I certainly understand that he has the right to do what he wants assuming there is no real animosity amongst the three remaining members, why the hell not do the shows...at least for your fans who have been supporting you for ov
  8. In case you are not familiar with this blog, Bob mentions Zep fairly often. Here is a great take on Ramble On. Look up his recent blog on Physical Graffiti as well as Ten Years Gone http://lefsetz.com/wordpress/index.php/archives/2015/04/07/ramble-on-3/
  9. Long time member here, looking for some assistance from the Zeppelin community. You can View then Evaluate In My Time Of Dying at this new website. https://www.videvals.com/view?performanceName=led%20zeppelin We are also looking for people to post and rate videos from any band or genre that you like. Thanks Glen
  10. I always thought that a great story/movie should be made about this one week in LA. Obviously, the shows would be a highlight, but a good deal of attention should be given to Millard and the legacy that he created for all of us. There is also a lot of groupie stuff going on as well. The groupie scene was captured really well in Almost Famous. But one part Millard, one part concerts and one part groupie would make for a really interesting book or movie.
  11. I'm well entrenched in the camp that believes he's been saying this exact thing every year for the last eight years. It's always this time of the year and it's always a project that he can't talk about. I can understand him not recording and touring, but to completely give up playing is quite frustrating for the fans. If he's basically retired then go out with a bang...he can have one or two shows with the greatest musicians backing him as well as a group of the most iconic singers...playing Zeppelin as well as the iconic songs that he played on before Zeppelin and any other songs that he cher
  12. I recently read the Bill Graham book and found it very enjoyabe. He had a remarkable like, fleeing the Natzies in Germany at the age of 8 and coming to America by himself. He then basiclly invented the Rock Concert as we know it today. Definitely a good read.
  13. This show (Badgeholders) is probaby my favorite boot. I think it has THE best versions of Sick Again, TYG, possibly NFBM and Achilles. Jimmy should release this show or a compliation from all these LA shows, I know the quality is not up to a multitrack, but they are the best examples of the "Latter Days" of the band.
  14. Was on Amazon to pre order the remastered albums and saw that Destroyer was available. I started collecting bootlegs in the late 70's and we had one version of Destroyer that was not a good performance. Subsequently, I've heard other versions called Destoyer that were quite good. I believe the good show included the Nut Cracker in the NQ jam. The version on Amazon is from 4/27, is this the good performance or not so good performance? Thanks, Glen
  15. I think it's they could Hammer like the G-ds, and at the same time they could switch gears 180 degrees and make more delicate music that was still pure and true. Their "lighter" side never sounded like a bull shit balad or pop song. Everything was always "cool".
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