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  1. Why would they move it to the members only section ?
  2. I am suprised more people are not talking about this. So Bloomington 75 exist, really hope this comes out, over at Royal Orleans where this came up the topic has been removed, interesting. I wonder why ?
  3. If Helsinki 1970 was filmed that would be really something. I dont think any of us have heard this before, and if it still exists that would be amazing. I am surprised more people here did not comment on this. It was a great show and would rank near the top of Zeppelin finds on film, a holy grail maybe IMO. I wonder if there is any way to find out if this show was filmed and then if it was the even bigger challenge would be to find out what happened to the tapes and if they exist where are they. Maybe a someone from Finland would be up to take this on. one would think a Finnish person would have the best chance to find out.
  4. Blackmore at his peak couldn't hold a candle to Page at his peak ? now thats funny Some of his work from the mid to late 70s is spectacular, The solos from Catch the Rainbow are out of this world, while I love Page I cannot agree with that comment.
  5. Of course, is it against some law to not love everything about Zep ?, I was not thinking of his comments about Zep ripping off others when I posted and I don't know about IMTOD being a rip off, but face it Zep took song ideas from allot of sources as many others did, for a good example tell me Whole Lotta Love did not take anything from the Small Faces ?
  6. Dr Death is right, if Plant had said he liked Whitesnake and was a friend of Davids a LOT more people here would have liked that record, That is a given, I Love Plants Voice along with Coverdales, they are both great. What I have not loved about Plant is how he bashes people over the years, and I think BledZabbath needs to chill out. Dr Death was not bashing Zep and if he was so what.
  7. Hard to believe it was 40 years ago today I saw them in St Paul, I hope a recording comes to light some day. Page said it was one of the better shows of the tour, TU was part of the main set ,encores were RR and BD which was rarely played in 77
  8. For me the other great band along with Zeppelin was Purple, the Stones live was no match for either of them.
  9. Correct Craigled, What I understand is he has lost touch with reality, that is my last word on this.
  10. Nice words BledZabbth, but the truth is you are in denial and out of touch with reality. Page is wonderful, great to listen to and watch, a fantastic song writer and arranger, but to say he is better than anyone else is rather silly.
  11. I am on this site because I like Zep, and I think Page is a excellent musician, I have seen him many times and have always enjoyed watching him play. The list of players Zino listed as being better then Page is rather large. but many of them are better guitar players such as Blackmore and Beck. there is no question they are technically better if you are just talking about playing skills. the folks here who got upset about this are delusional and living in their own fantasy world.
  12. While I like GH, live with DP he could be out of control sometimes and I did not like that, but in the Studio he was fine with DP. You guys who think his voice sucks need to check out some of his recent live work, just outstanding. for example muscle and blood and you keep on moving from Chicago 8/27/16 on YT. Then get back to me and tell me his voice sucks.
  13. Very true about Glenn Hughes, I saw him last year and his voice is amazing, the notes he can sing is really something to see and hear.
  14. Some here have said How many more times was first played on the 75 tour in Chicago. how do we know that when there is no known source for Mpls, the first show of the tour ?
  15. Earlier in this thread it was posted in 85 Plant was asked about putting out live Zep shows like Deep Purples live in London and Plant says they were lucky to play live anywhere, I am surprised no one here has said anything about that. That has to be one of the most stupid things I have ever heard Plant say. DP back in the day was one of the best ever live acts. Lost allot of respect for Plant with a comment like that.
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