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  1. People saying that Jimmy has chnaged in 7 years: Its all to do with the photo angle and stuff. I mean check this picture of page looking the coolest: and page in the Zepp days looknig terrible: Sorry, i couldn't resist!
  2. I don't think it was. His dad is unsurpassed at it. I'm sure Jason can do most of it, but i guess he felt it wasn't worth him making some mistakes when he could get the full sound recreated with DB.
  3. what the hell are you on about, i was at the front and he didn't spit on the amps.
  4. anyone having problems getting the video working
  5. fantastic video of Zepp doing a cover of jerry lee lewis's - it'll be me: http://video.aol.com/video-detail/led-zepp...e-me/1628170953
  6. I would be so bold to say as there is no way that'll happen. Zepp dont roll that way - TV performance?!? Pah.
  7. that ramble on site is gunna be one hell of an amazing site.
  8. http://votenumber1.com/vote1rockbandever.html Vote for zepp, jimmy and plant! heres the zepp poll as it stands so far: Queen: 25.17% Bon Jovi: 25.01% The Beatles: 24.95% Led Zeppelin : 24.87% Vote once everyday!
  9. i received the new issue of the tight but loose magazine the other day, and theres going to be a big convention in London in '08 to celebrate the 40th anniversary.
  10. Okay, ill have a stab myself then! theres no professionally shot footage prior to '75 (apart from Albert hall)? And from then on the big screens they used for the crowd to see could effectively be released? I bet i'm wrong somewhere there . I swear i read that with the song remains the same, because it took so long for them to get it ready for release, that by the time it was near ready to be released they thought they'd moved on such a lot (musically) that they were considering pro shooting a 77 gig? I'm guessing that never happened though.
  11. Has anyone seen this! Very cool, only short clips but they are priceless! http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=ERRELL7 enjoy
  12. i was at the gig at the front, and yer this version of stairway left me feeling a bit weird. it wasnt cus he fluffed a few notes up though. I think it was too short however. Alot of people were expecting the 4 minute versions with bells and whistles. None the less i was there at the front, and it was amazing, page making mistakes is just how Page goes. He was under a huge amount of pressure. I think with a world tour he'd get back to that 'place' and perhaps a huge solo will follow!
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