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  1. It's perfectly accurate, for uncompressed 10 bit HD video.
  2. It's a different tuning but those three chords definitely sounds very close on both songs. The songs both The Beatles and Ledzep played : -Long Tall Sally at some 69-70 gigs -Some Other Guy in many meldeys -Roll Over Beethoven (medleys) -Twist And Shout (Osaka 71/9/29 WLL medley) -Please Please Me (very short version 71/9/28 Osaka) -From Me To You (very short version 71/9/28 Osaka) -I Saw Her Standing There (LA 70/09/04, lyrics only) -Money in Seattle (72, with Bonzo's backing vocals) and Frankfurt (80)
  3. In case you plan to add some more 8mm clips, there're some other ones that are often not dated correctly. I don't exactly remember what was written in the former "video vault" page of your site, maybe you already got them with the right dates. -Los Angeles august 22 1971 (used to be dated as august 21st) -Los Angeles may 31 1973 (this black&white clip was dated as being from the june 3rd concert) -Los Angeles march 27 1975 (the distant and dark clip was dated as being from the march 25 gig) -Seattle 17 march 75 (dated as march 21st, it's likely from the previous gig in Seattle) -Los A
  4. Hi Sam, I don't know if you had time to check the comments posted on the video section of the website, but I wanted to tell the film attributed to "LA forum 3/27 1975" is actually from the 3/25. Check out the clothes. And the Millard audience recording that was synched up to the film, that is from the 25th. It's a different 8mm source than the other film of the 3/25 concert. There's yet another film of this night, but a really bad one... The video section looks great, and I'm glad to see it's growing. I really loved the Zurich 80 footage, thanks for all that stuff and keep it coming !
  5. There's no complete video of them playing this song. Only fragments of the song can be seen on the following films : -the 2nd LA show in august 71 -the Houston show a few days later (no audio of the show available) -the Amsterdam show in may 72 -the San Bernardino show in june 72 Maybe the early version they played at Bath 70 will be available somedays...
  6. Actually Bonzo also sang (or tried to sing) on TBOE at some of the 77 shows. The last Landover show (may 30th) comes to my mind. But it's indeed Jonesy singing on the Destroyer.
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