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  1. One of my favourites. Followed closely by Quint's intro monolouge at the town hall meeting. "You all know me. You all know how I make a living." Classic!
  2. Television Politician-Boston.. Live At The Agora Cleveland Ohio 09 27 1976. Killer show!
  3. Premier Signia Maple's...Killer sounding kick drum
  4. I'm hoping for a Hamilton franchise as well.Only an hour and a half drive from my home. I know this may be off topic YC,but I drove by whats left of the Aud in Buffalo last night.Sad man. Saw lots of great games there. The first was in 1977.(Have the French Connection,Spinner Spencer and King Kong Korab's autograph on a stick,)and the last was in February 96 against the Flyers.
  5. A life long work in progress this may be....I've been trying nail Steve Gadd's solo on Steely Dan's Aja.
  6. I think Sonny is playing a couple of dates up here in a month or so. One is in a small club. Hell At Home!!!! Yeah!!!!
  7. A great hard edge rock sound they have. Definately will check them out if the opportunity rises. Thanks for the reply.
  8. lol...I did some searching...The Bottle Rockets weren't such a one hit wonder band after all.
  9. Did Sonny do the main solo on Hiatts Everybody Went Low? Killer tune.
  10. Radar Gun- Bottle Rockets..(I'll try to get a link)
  11. Yeah I think the Tanglewood 1970 was omitted..what a burn..Great performance.
  12. I recently got a killer boot of Pink Floyd Live Hamilton Ont. Excellent audience recording. All of Dark Side,Wish You Were and Animals in its embryonic stage..Recommended if you happen across it.
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