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  1. Television Politician-Boston.. Live At The Agora Cleveland Ohio 09 27 1976. Killer show!
  2. Yeah I think the Tanglewood 1970 was omitted..what a burn..Great performance.
  3. I recently got a killer boot of Pink Floyd Live Hamilton Ont. Excellent audience recording. All of Dark Side,Wish You Were and Animals in its embryonic stage..Recommended if you happen across it.
  4. I'm trying to figure out how to downsize one for my sig pic..
  5. Listened to the Forest Hills Tennis Stadium show this morning(July 29 1971) Forgot how much I enjoyed this set. I'll try to put together a list of my favourites. Many tough choices to make.lol
  6. Have a listen to Sno-Cone....Good stuff. WCSX play the odd Geils rarity.Usually on the Ken Calvert drive home.They're one of his favourite bands.
  7. There are two good live sets that are worth looking for..First is " Full House " from 1972 and the other is from 1976 and is called "Blow Your Face Out". Two strong live albums. Another place to start your Geils collection would be to look for a two disc set put out by Rhino called "Houseparty-The J.Geils Band Anthology".
  8. I saw them in 1981 when I was twelve. My first concert. They always say the first is the most memorable. Did'nt know much about them then except for Freeze Frame, Centrefold, Rage In The Cage etc...Been a fan ever since.
  9. Thanks Meg! I've never read this quote from Jones.
  10. alwizard those pics are great man! Keep them coming!
  11. Bonzo was friends of the guys from ELO and Sabbath(There's a pic in Thunder Of Drums showing Bonzo standing with Tony Iommi and Ozzy. I think Bev Bevan and Jeff Lynne are in the same pic)
  12. Man!!! Great pics! ....I was listening to Uneasy Rider the other day!
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