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  1. If in one hand an poopsie in the other one, see which one get's full the quickest. I resent the idea that you know what all Americans think, all Chinese think and what both governments think before going to wars. I suggest you get your history out of factual texts instead of a Cracker Jack box. IMO you watch too much of the tele and actually believe all of it
  2. I dont trust men who will not stand up for freedom or democracy. These are the guys who will toss their women and kids to the dogs first sign of trouble. Be a man, get a haircut and take a stand on something concrete.
  3. You cannot argue with a pascifist.
  4. Your biggest mistake is thinking history repeats itself. If it werent for England and other countries during WWII you would have a hard German accent instead of that cute little Aussie one. Plus every time you saw a mustache you'd be yelling "Hi Hitler." Because of opines such as yours, being whatever the f@@k it is you believe in, there will never be any one true religion or government it the world.
  5. Bring her sister, that pocketful of fun, and meet me in the morgue at 0100
  6. I talked to my gorgeous girlfriend who is kind, loving and funny. I had a lovely walk in the rain after bird watching (no winged birds). I talked to my cute little girl who giggles like an angel.
  7. It's for your own good lol. Go find someone and go for it. Sorry if I sounded insulting. The girls and guys here will help though Spats. Unless your blowing smoke up our ass.
  8. You would screw up a wet dream anyways. People cant even fix you up. Women dont wanna hear your winey nonsense. They want security and confidence.
  9. Mmmmmm, nothing like "Bad medicine."
  10. Men! Raise your guns and salute.
  11. I think the point may have been hurling senseless accusations at the entire list because of one culprit defeats the entire purpose of trying to find a middle ground. The answer is communication. Not back stabbing and misinformation. I could be wrong though you know. If your going to use some type of security measures? Well welcome to letting the world in on what they are... Security is secretive for a good reason. Not to hurt people by not telling them. It's for your own good. There are measures which could be installed. However last I looked you probably couldnt afford me. And too, it
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