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  1. Afternoon Zephead chums! My friend, Lee, runs a music site called Real Gone and has a fun poll up at the moment. Pick one song from each Zeppelin album. Just one. It's an anonymous poll, too. Swing by and vote, if you so wish! http://www.realgonerocks.com/2015/01/th ... elin-poll/
  2. Hi Chris, thanks for the comment. Yes, it's so true, we capricornians need to join forces. :D Have a good weekend, also. :)

  3. Hey there! :-)

    Us Capricorns need to stick together. Hope you're having a good weekend.


    Chris (One Symbol)

  4. hi, you and I both have the same birthday. I was born a year exactly after you. :)

  5. PZ knees up is on the 12th July. Hope to see you there mate.

  6. You are Lord Jagged/Dark Star and I claim my £10!

    Still hoping to make the London knees-up if the date coincides with me being in the smoke.

    When is it again?



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