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  1. Well so far they've already unearthed one of the MSG '75 gigs (a big show), one from MSG '77 (a big show), Seattle '75 (big show), the complete Landover '77 run. You don't class those as "good stuff"? Jeez...years ago all we has was the 'Destroyer' soundboard. I'm quite sure that eventually Pontiac will turn up (assuming the tape still exists), together with some or all of that LA Forum '77 run & the other Seattle'75.
  2. Well all these people who enjoy dissing boot companies better think on. If it wasn't for EVSD stumping up to release these things, they would likely never see the light of day. I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with after the Landover releases.
  3. Well seeing as these '77 boards have now started to pop out of the woodwork again, I wouldn't discount anything.
  4. Hmm...one of the few Godfather releases I haven't picked up. Might have to look into that. The second half of the show is still rather crummy though!
  5. Well...as the venerable Knebby is fond of saying, "There is a space to be watched, so watch it". Full catalogue reissue programme beginning in 2013, mark my words.
  6. We'll see the Zeppelin catalogue remastered & reissued first before any 'beat the boots' type projects.
  7. Slightly off-topic perhaps, but I would strongly advise you to seek out the title called 'The Maximum Destroyer' (EVSD)for the Cleveland soundboard. 'The Supreme Destroyer' is just nowhere near as good, in terms of the sound quality. In fact, it's night & day.
  8. The second night from MSG 77 (8th June) is horrible. In fact there are some parts in which it's very difficult to make out the band at all. Hampton 70 is also a tough listen.
  9. 25 pages is a lot to wade through! My twopenneth - it's a tribute band. A tribute band made more special by the inclusion of Bonham Jnr. From what I've seen so far on clips and so on, it looks & sounds great. If this show was to make it over the pond to Europe, I would happily go along & enjoy every bloody minute of it. I guess the bottom line is that if hurts you to see Jason & band playing tribute to his father & his band, then stop moaning or don't go. Simples!
  10. Hi Chris, thanks for the comment. Yes, it's so true, we capricornians need to join forces. :D Have a good weekend, also. :)

  11. Hey there! :-)

    Us Capricorns need to stick together. Hope you're having a good weekend.


    Chris (One Symbol)

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