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  1. Afternoon Zephead chums! My friend, Lee, runs a music site called Real Gone and has a fun poll up at the moment. Pick one song from each Zeppelin album. Just one. It's an anonymous poll, too. Swing by and vote, if you so wish! http://www.realgonerocks.com/2015/01/th ... elin-poll/
  2. I thought only three of the five were taped (23rd/24th & 25th)? Reportedly the kick drum is supposed to be missing from the audio of the 23rd.
  3. Avoid the EVSD version "You Were There In Spirits"..it's absolutely awful & has about the worst EQ job out there. Wendy "Fatally Wanderer" is the one to have from the pressed boots.
  4. This is a great release, and for me certainly is an improvement over the older Antrabata compilation & the Scorpio box. Well, well seeking out.
  5. This is a great release, and was somewhat overshadowed by the recent Nassau '75 board coming out. "Love & Peace 1971" deserves a place in every self resspecting fan's collection.
  6. Excellent gifts. My missus very kindly picked up a few silver boots for me: Loove (Tarantura) Toccata & Fugue (Tarantura) Days of Heaven (Tattytura)
  7. Well so far they've already unearthed one of the MSG '75 gigs (a big show), one from MSG '77 (a big show), Seattle '75 (big show), the complete Landover '77 run. You don't class those as "good stuff"? Jeez...years ago all we has was the 'Destroyer' soundboard. I'm quite sure that eventually Pontiac will turn up (assuming the tape still exists), together with some or all of that LA Forum '77 run & the other Seattle'75.
  8. You completely missed the point, but never mind. Anyway, I'm sure the FLACS will get shared soon enough.
  9. Yeah, here you go. This particular article doesn't mention the kick drum specifically (I must have seen it elsewhere), but Kevin Shirley explains that the third night was unusable. I'd recommend reading the whole thing actully, it's quite an interesting article. You'll need to scroll right down to read the bits about Led Zeppelin DVD: http://www.cavemanpr...ageplantiv.html
  10. Pretty sure it may have been Kevin Shirley himself at some point, but I don't have to time to look for it today. I'll have a look & post back later.
  11. ...and as usual for that you're relying on one of us ripping from the silvers.
  12. Jon Anderson? I really hope you're joking.
  13. Third night of Earl's Court? Simples. The kick drum wasn't recorded, that's why.
  14. Well all these people who enjoy dissing boot companies better think on. If it wasn't for EVSD stumping up to release these things, they would likely never see the light of day. I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with after the Landover releases.
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