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  1. But collectors would sell to each other, knowing they won't resell to a bootlegger.

    Some hoarders won't sell to bootleggers. EVSD would NEVER pay enough to unearth the good stuff like Pontiac 77. They only get what is cheap enough to make them a profit.

    Well so far they've already unearthed one of the MSG '75 gigs (a big show), one from MSG '77 (a big show), Seattle '75 (big show), the complete Landover '77 run. You don't class those as "good stuff"? Jeez...years ago all we has was the 'Destroyer' soundboard. I'm quite sure that eventually Pontiac will turn up (assuming the tape still exists), together with some or all of that LA Forum '77 run & the other Seattle'75.

  2. Oh yeah, because you can just tell the 'traders' who own all these 1975 and 1977 soundboards we've seen pop up over the years were in so much of a hurry to distribute them to the masses without the help of EVSD, etc :lol::rolleyes:

    I'd suggest you read Bootleg: The Secret History Of The Other Recording Industry by Clinton Heylin some time (if you haven't already)...the original tapers who started this little cottage industry over fourty years ago weren't exactly doing it to, like, 'share the tooonz, maaaaan'...they were taping them shows because they knew there was money in it! And you better believe some of those guys were fuckin' rolling in it before too long.

    Sure, traders have shared out a lot of previously uncirculated audience recordings over they years without the assistance of bootleg companies (and more often than not ended up having their tapes bootlegged eventually anyway), but I'd be brazen to say that for every recording that is being shared out there's one being hoarded...don't hold any illusions that tapers and so-called traders can't be as greedy as bootleg labels. Ask yerself: how often do you see a new previously uncirculated soundboard recording come out through kindhearted 'traders'? Answer: hardly ever.

    I can guarantee you that if the Pontiac '77 pro shot exists (or any of the other pro shot concerts we've seen mentioned in this discussion) it's ain't gonna make it out to the masses through kind, well meaning tape traders. No, we'll see it come out through EVSD or Godfather or some bootleg label because the people who actually possess these films know goddamn well what they are worth, and fuckin' A, they're gonna get whatever they can for them. And ya know, ya can't really fault them for that. These guys aren't schmucks; they're not dumb by any stretch of the imagination.

    As much as I'd love to believe that the music trading community (online or otherwise) is all about sharing, friendliness and kindness to their fellow man/woman, the harsh reality has been that that usually isn't the case. The amount of backstabbing, double dealing, and misrepresentation that goes on is actually pretty sick. As 'evil' as bootleg companies can be, the worst tape trading stories I've heard of over the years had nothing to do with bootleggers. As I said earlier, bootleggers are a necessary evil when it comes to unofficial live music, they're a business like any other, and run off of supply and demand like any other business.

    Excellent post Nutrocker! :bravo:

  3. I've been saying for years that there is probably a large amount of 1977 soundboards in existence not unlike 1975...I'm sure we'll see all of em pop up in drabs and drabs over the next few years...hopefully including some of the shows there are no corresponding audience recordings for (Houston '77 being a good example; there was no audience tape but there was a soundboard)

    Well all these people who enjoy dissing boot companies better think on. If it wasn't for EVSD stumping up to release these things, they would likely never see the light of day. I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with after the Landover releases.

  4. Wow, I never realized how good Godfather Record's "Conquering Kingdome" sounded. It almost tricks me into thinking it's a great show. Currently listening to Achilles' Last Stand 7/17/77.

    Hmm...one of the few Godfather releases I haven't picked up. Might have to look into that. The second half of the show is still rather crummy though!

  5. 25 pages is a lot to wade through!

    My twopenneth - it's a tribute band. A tribute band made more special by the inclusion of Bonham Jnr.

    From what I've seen so far on clips and so on, it looks & sounds great.

    If this show was to make it over the pond to Europe, I would happily go along & enjoy every bloody minute of it.

    I guess the bottom line is that if hurts you to see Jason & band playing tribute to his father & his band, then stop moaning or don't go. Simples!

  6. Jack White, The Edge, Jimmy Page film release date set

    'It Might Get Loud' will premiere in the UK next year

    'It Might Get Loud', the forthcoming documentary featuring Jack White, The Edge and Jimmy Page, has got a release date.

    The 97-minute film, which trails how the guitarists developed their trademark styles by using different approaches to playing the electric guitar, will get its official theatrical release on January 8.

    (Elvis Presley's 75th Birthday)

    About bloody time too! :rolleyes:

  7. Ah come on, lay off Billy! :D

    He might be middle of the road/whatever but he's penned some cracking tracks.

    It doesn't help his cause that he's constantly referred to as "The American Elton John", which is enough to make anyone hurl themselves off a tall building. He's way better than that.

    Oh, and he's an ugly shortarse who managed to shag Christie Brinkley. At least give him a bit of credit for that! :D

  8. It's funny this thread cropped up now - I was only playing a Rainbow compilation in the car today.

    Although my favourite line-ups included RJD & Cozy, I was very pleasantly suprised at how good some of the stuff with Joe Lynn Turner was. "Stone Cold" (as mentioned earlier) stood out as a highlight.

    I'm a bit gutted I never got to see Rainbow (in any incarnation), even though I was fortunate to catch the classic Mk II line-up of Purple at Knebworth & later at Birmingham NEC.

    Never did get Blackmore's Night, although that's obviously another side of the man in black's playing...

  9. What you're referring to is a story about Jeff Martin working on material that Page wrote with with Michael Lee, who was the drummer for Page & Plant. That was a few years ago and no word of this since.

    That's it - thanks for assisting my addled old memory! :D

  10. Incidentally, wasn't there supposed to have been some sort of loose Page/Martin collaboration at some point, even if it was a loose studio jam?

    I'm sure I read that somewhere, unless it was some sort of weird Zepcentric dream I had! :D

  11. Producer Steve Albini suffocated and killed this album. It sounds as if your hearing them

    perform down the hall in another room.

    Interesting. I was always under the impression that Albini was a bit intimidated by working with Plant & Page, even going as far as to say something along the lines of "Would you tell Jimmy Page that solo he just played isn't as good as he is capable of" (again, can't remember the exact wording now).

    That suggests that he wasn't as in control of the whole thing, in my view.

    Also, who suggested that Albini was brought on board? I'm guessing Plant?

    Regardless, I still maintain there is some great material on WIC, and the stripped-down nature of it appeals to me, rather than repels me.

  12. I had 90% my collection stolen in the early 80's. Along with most of the other items in our house. A great series of black and white photos and the negatives that a friend of mine took from the 73 Vancouver show were part of the haul. Professional quality and some of the best shots I've ever seen of the band. I have not seen them surface anywhere which is really a bummer because it probably means they were just thrown away. Most of what's left of my collection is pretty average stuff that was stored at another location at the time of the robbery

    That's a great shame - sorry to hear about that!

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