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  1. Hearing the Nick harper song, "The Kissing Gate" made me happy today. Wonderful stuff!
  2. Interesting. I was always under the impression that Albini was a bit intimidated by working with Plant & Page, even going as far as to say something along the lines of "Would you tell Jimmy Page that solo he just played isn't as good as he is capable of" (again, can't remember the exact wording now). That suggests that he wasn't as in control of the whole thing, in my view. Also, who suggested that Albini was brought on board? I'm guessing Plant? Regardless, I still maintain there is some great material on WIC, and the stripped-down nature of it appeals to me, rather than repels me.
  3. After reading a few positive remarks here and elsewhere concerning 1998's Walking Into Clarksdale opus, I decided to dig it out & give it a spin after a long absence. Like fine wine & women, I'm convinced that this album gets better with age. Of course at the time of release it was criticised for having the audacity to not sound like Led Zep IV. It is definetly understated, but (to my ears) in a good way. Oh, and I really don't think it sounds like Presence (another journalistic observation of the time). Tbe one thing that did suprise me was Robert Plant's recent comment about the production, and how he felt cut off from it all (can't remember the exact wording). In actual fact I listen to it, and it seems to have more of Plant's stamp on it than Page's? Thoughts?
  4. Cheers! I'm a huge fan of the late, great Sandy (& Fairport) so I will be tuning in for that!
  5. Great thread. I read with interest on an earlier page (page nine I think), which possibly refers to some of Jimmy's stolen tapes being returned to him, after an earlier & infamous theft. This is the first I've heard of this. Does anyone know which tapes were returned, and how this came about? Just curious, that's all. Thanks!
  6. How silly. Can we now get back to the original aim of Steve's thread, and put all this childish B***ks of who knows more than the next person to bed? I come on this forum for fun and to gain a bit more insight into Zeppelin. There are many knowledgeable people on this forum, but only a few of them bother to post. I find that sad.
  7. ELP? Love 'em. Bonkers, overblown, pompous, insane. What more could anyone want from a prog band? Anyone else heard that Palmer is expected to link up with Emerson and Lake for touring plans after the current Asia cycle is wrapped up? A source on ELP Digest reckons this came from Palmer himself. I shall be very keen to see that!
  8. This is me and my delightful other half (just engaged, folks! ) pictured at our friends' wedding in April 2007. I'm the less-glamorous one wearing the suit, before you ask...
  9. Not too many artists are worthy of the accolades accorded to them, but Greeny is one of them. I love Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac!
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