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  1. ^ ...and there were sometimes issues, particularly with the CD-Rs. I liked some of the Genuine Masters releases, but really wished they could have found a way to release them on pressed discs.
  2. I'm with you there - the Tuscon show is a scorcher. Ok, perhaps it's not on a par with that lengthy Seattle show, but a legendary performance nonetheless.
  3. I don't know exactly why they closed their doors, but ther recent Genuine Masters release of the Zep O2 gig was touted as that label's final release. The maain protagonist behind GM has been responsible for work on a number of different labels (including Immigrant)...
  4. My defining Zep-related moment this week was meeting one Jason Bonham, before the Sheffield Airrace/Thunder gig at Sheffield City Hall. I'd met him before when he was drumming for Page on the 'Outrider' tour, but only fleetingly. He was a complete gent, and happily signed my (boot) version of the O2 gig. Nice bloke!
  5. IF this footage exists and IF one of the boot companies had managed to get their hands on it, it would have surfaced by now.
  6. This sounds great - can't wait to hear it. I'm hoping that Masters of Reality main man & Homme collaborator Chris Goss will have a role in it...
  7. In addition, Paul Rodgers is due to undertake a short U.S tour with the surviving, original members of Bad Company...
  8. Thanks Knebby (& others). Really enjoying this thread!
  9. I shall probably be at the Sheffield gig, so if anyone fancies meeting up for pre-gig drinkies & talking nonsense, then feel free to PM me!
  10. One Symbol

    Ross's Diary

    Has he had a haircut, though? Looks to me like his hair is still pulled back in a ponytail, but I could be wrong. It's difficult to tell due to how the shots have been lit. Not that it really matters, of course...
  11. One Symbol

    Ross's Diary

    So...no news is...er...no news!
  12. Sure, it's easier to get caught up in it when you're there. However, I'm quite sure that both Over The Top & Page's guitar solo spots at the very least had a fair few punters running for the concession stands!
  13. That's not strictly true though, is it? The 77' tour was peppered with lengthy solos spots as you know, significantly reducing the actual stage time that all four appeared on stage together. As much as I enjoy some of the '77 gigs, they were exercises in over-indulgence, in more ways than one.
  14. Ah, I really miss the Mayfair. A wonderful venue - I'm sure a pair of my shoes were still stuck to the floor when it was closed.
  15. Having listened to this set over the last week or so, I can say I'm absolutely delighted. The content is the same as the 1st issue, but this is without the replica programme & poster. the artwork (as you've no doubt seen) apes the original Phyiscal Graffiti sleeves. Having had various versions of these shows over the years, I can say that for me these are pretty definitive. Let's face it, EVSD couldn't go too badly wrong using the famed Millard recordings and they didn't. This is a much, much better release than their Complete LA Forum 77 box. Excellent - highly recommended!
  16. Anyone out there received their copy yet? Mine should be here any day...
  17. ^ 2012, perhaps? I can't see Page or anyone else working on this, unless Jimmy cans all other plans & gets the green light to release some more archive material.
  18. The Wendy version is the best that I've heard to date, although the Trainspotter one isn't too bad either.
  19. Ah well, that's it then. I'll settle for some future Zep archive releases & (hopefully) some more solo stuff.
  20. I've ordered this, as I missed out on the original Deep Throat box set. Really good packaging from EVSD this time, too. Can't wait for it to arrive!
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