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  1. Check out Tony Franklin's MySpace site. One of his blogs contains some excellent recollections of the Page/Pastorius jam (Tony was in attendance with Chris Slade, I think). The jam itself is very loose, but Jaco coaxed some good stuff out of Jimmy.
  2. Sorry to rain on your parade Cactus, but I really don't think this is Earl's Court or Knebworth he's working on either. I reckon IF Shirley is mixing Zep (and it's a BIG if), it would be the O2...
  3. ...or not! This could be anybody, let's be honest....
  4. Whitesnake at the Birmingham NEC on the '1987' tour. I guess it was great for those with morbid curiosity, watching Covernote & his faceless band of Kens unravelling the band's reputation. A girl sat behind us having an epileptic fit was the unexpected highlight of a very long evening!
  5. Opted for In the Light, but first-choice would have been Achilles if it had been on the list...
  6. So without wanting to appear negative, this is a bit of a bugger for anyone who happened to have bought the previous cardboard-sleeve remasters. If the audio isn't revamped then I can't really see any point at all in picking these up (unless you're obsessively daft & have far too much disposable income). Or am I missing something here - is this SHM-CD thing likely to be any improvement on what's out there already?
  7. They took a fair amount of critical drubbing at the time, but I saw them live a couple of times back in the day and thought they were really good - worked really hard on stage. Let's just not mention Van halen III!
  8. The folks behind Bowie's old management stable stuck this out years ago, and I think it was withdrawn fairly quickly. Nice to see the golden era of Bowie recognised in an official release this time!
  9. Yup, quite agree - an opportunity lost.
  10. ^ I was just thinking the same, and if that is 1978 Page looks awfully well! Incidentally, the bloke in the photograph wearing the white suit - Lionel Bart?
  11. Quite. It's not even half the gig - absolute rubbish!
  12. You are Lord Jagged/Dark Star and I claim my £10!

    Still hoping to make the London knees-up if the date coincides with me being in the smoke.

    When is it again?



  13. I was quite suprised to see this particular DVD "Led Zeppelin at Earls Court 75" on sale in the Manchester branch of Fopp yesterday for £11.99! Given that Fopp was recently bought out by the well-known HMV chain (who sell only officially licensed product), I'd say someone has dropped a bit of a clanger!
  14. Great news all round. I hadn't listened to U2 in ages and stuck on a couple of albums yesterday and was pleasantly blown away by how good it all sounded. I know The Joshua Tree is somewhat overplayed, but it still contains a lot of stunning tracks. Achtung Baby is equally important to me. Hell, I even enjoyed The Unforgettable Fire, which always seems to cop a bit of flak for reasons I've never understood. Who knows, I might even get around to seeing them live for the first time in many moons!
  15. Good for him, for facing up to his problems & doing something about it. That's half the battle. I'm sure we'll see him back on stage in due course.
  16. Yep, for sure. there are some hilarious renditions (Zurich 1980 & 23/06/77 spring to mind), where they get so lost they almost play the damn thing twice!
  17. I'm not sure if discussion of such things is likely to be frowned upon, but hey ho. Anyone got this yet? Initial reports suggest it's not great...
  18. I think (and hope) that another Strange Sensation album/tour is on the cards next!
  19. Trust me - white van men have NOTHING to do with the proud, dignified working class. I'm working class myself (proud of it) but I'd like to think that I have standards of behaviour & decency that white van men have & will never have. Anyway, what do you want cable TV for?
  20. Bah! Is nowhere sacred these days?
  21. Hearing the Nick harper song, "The Kissing Gate" made me happy today. Wonderful stuff!
  22. Ok, so if you're outside the UK then you probably haven't heard the term "White Van Man". If you are in the UK, then you'll know all about these tossers! In short, a white van man is a manual labourer (I'm not tarring them all with the same brush though) who normally drives a white transit van. White van man is an unreconstructed alpha male - swigs beer, shouts derogative sexual obscenities at passing women, picks fights with anyone (includes his own mates) and drives in an erratic, dangerous & menacing way towards other motorists & road users. If like me you're sick to dea
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