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  1. i can not wait for the dvd, is there a ligit bootleg of the film out yet???
  2. is there a bootleg of the film out there yet? i can not wait until the dvd comes out. can.....not.....wait
  3. does anyone know if there is a bootleg of the film out yet? serious i can not wait for the DVD. I wish i ran in theatre's longer.
  4. just a bump, anymore on this people?
  5. no one has thought of this? we could be on the eve of a tour in the next year people
  6. Ok, theroy only and far in outerspace the Led goes on tour (may we all pray for this), is the a fan club or is this it to where one could be included into a "pre ticket" sale. Any thoughts on this?
  7. Is there such a thing as an Offical Led Zeppelin Fan club? If not, what seems to be the most popular one. In a sense I would like to join something just incase Led goes on tour, thus maybe allowing me to access pre ticket sales... Thanks ehwalled who is in love with Mr. Page
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